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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Field development ship SAIBOS


According to The Motor Ship March 2001.

Mutli-purpose crane and pipe laying ship SAIBOS is a dynamically positioned vessel designed to meet the requirements of deepwater field development work. The J-lay tower onboard is capable of installing 457 mm diameter rigid pipes (measuring up to 559mm with insulation), at water depths of 2000m. The unique hull and J-lay tower arrangement is further intended to facilite the laying of flexible and umbilical gear.

For sub-sea operations, there are two elevator decks on the stern, each of which can accommodate a remote operated vehicle (ROV). These ROVs can work at depths of between 2000m and 3000m. It is also possible to install a transferable diving system enabling operations with a submerged bell connected to the vessel via rope and/or umbilical connection.

High manoeuvrability has been achieved through the installation of a total of six Wärtsilä Lips thrusters . At the fore end, there are two azimuthing, retractable thrusters, each rated at 2200kW, while two 4400kW rated azimuth stern thrusters are suitable for both dynamic positioning and propulsion. The bow thrusters are of a tunnel type design and are rated at 2000kW.

To meet the heavy lift requirements when operating in offshore fields, the vessel is equipped with a huge crane. This has a safe working load under the main hook of 600t at a working radius of 30m, and 300t at 55m outreach. Using the whip hook, the crane can lift up to 70t at a working radius of 62m. The main crane is supported by a total of four auxiliary cranes onboard.

The pipe laying system onboard SAIBOS is arranged around a single-laying axis, which is suitable for both rigid and flexible pipes. When rigid pipes are laid, the 400t SWL J-lay tower, which has an adjustable angle of between 45° and 95°, is used. The pipe handling is undertaken by a radial ”hang-off” clamp and an elevator fitted with an adjustable radial clamp driven by a regenerative tower winch. The assembly station within the J-lay tower has an opening to allow access to large items up to 4m high, 2m wide and 6m long. Flexible piping is laid through the gutter and three retractable four-track tensioners of a total SWL of 270t. This system can accommodate pipes of an internal diameter of 432mm.

Length b.p.: 152m, Breadth: 30m, Depth: 12.4m, Scantling draught: 8m, Ligthship weight: 16,749t, Cruising speed: 12.5 knots, Main engines: 4x Wärtsilä 16V26, 2x Wärtsilä 8L26.