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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Dry bulk shipping


Dry bulk shipping refers to the movement of significant commodities carried in bulk: – the so-called major bulks (such as iron ore, coal, grain), together with ships carrying steel products (coils, plates and rods), lumber or log and other commodities classified as the minor bulks. Other cargo ships include OBO’s (ore/bulk/ ore carriers or Combination Carriers), which are vessels able to trade alternatively dry and wet cargoes.

The importance of the dry cargo industry is crucial. Without it, global trade and industry could not exist. The international steel industry, for example, could not function without an efficient and cost effective maritime industry transporting the raw materials – coal and iron ore, as well as the means to ship the finished product around the world. At average home, the unseen links with the dry cargo industry are clearly noticed. Toasting a piece of bread involves metal components in the toaster – manufacturing processes using ores and aluminum, grain used in the bread and coal-generated electricity providing the power.

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