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Deepwell cargo pumps


Electrically- or hydraulically-driven cargo pumps used in tanker cargo pumping system. A deepwell pump is submerged in the fluid that it is pumping with its impeller placed in a well in the tanktop, which means that it is only suitable for double-hulled tankers. The advantage is that tank stripping is easier. Each cargo tank has its own pump unit. An electric pump is connected via an intermediate shaft to an explosion-proof electric motor located on the main deck. Hydraulically driven pumps of this type are more popular on chemical tankers. In this option electrically-driven hydraulic power packs need to be fitted. In addition, piping is needed to transmit the hydraulic fluid pressure from the power pack to the pump unit located at the tank.

Deepwell cargo pumps offer a number of improvements, including the elimination of the traditional pumproom, greater pumping and stripping efficiency, more flexible cargo segregation, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel component construction.


Deepwell cargo pumps Deepwell cargo pumps Deepwell cargo pumps