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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Damage Control Information (DCI)


The Damage Control Information is a part of onboard documentation. The documentation should be clear and easy to understand. It should not include more information than this directly relevant to damage control, and should be provided in the working language of the ship.

The DCI is intended to provide the ship’s officers with clear information on the ship’s watertight subdivision and equipment related to maintaining the integrity of the watertight boundaries, so that in the event of ship damage causing flooding proper precautions can be taken to prevent progressive flooding. The DCI should consist of: Damage Control Plan, Damage Control Manual, External Watertight Integrity Plan and Internal Watertight Integrity Plan.

Damage Control Plan – A plan showing clearly for each deck and hold and boundaries of the watertight compartments, the openings therein with the means of closure and position of any control thereof, and the arrangements for the correction of any list due to flooding. The plan is to be permanently exhibited or readily available on the navigation bridge. In addition, booklets containing the aforementioned information are to be made available to the officers of the vessel.

Further reading: MSC.1/Circ.1245 dated 29 October 2007 “Guidelines for Damage Control Plans and Information to the Master

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