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The heavy lift vessel OLEG STRASHNOV was delivered by IHC Krimpen Shipyard in 2010. It has been designed by Gusto MSC/IHC Merwede for the installation and removal of offshore platforms, subsea construction and special projects. The installed DP3 system also enables the vessel to be employed for the installation of large and heavy subsea structures, TLP/Spar foundations and topsides.

The vessel’s key feature is the dual-draught hull concept. This encompasses a hull design with a small waterline breadth for transit and general construction activities and a significantly larger waterline breadth when additional stability is required for heavy lift operations.

The vessel is fitted with a fully revolving offshore crane with a lifting capacity of 5000 metric tons. Lift heights of 100m for the 5000t main hook and 132m for the 800t auxiliary hook enables the vessel to undertake an impressive range of projects from dual hook upending of large jackets to heavy deck installations.

For main propulsion the vessel is equipped with two fixed-pitch, 5000kW azimuth thrusters aft, augmented in dynamic positioning or manoeuvring mode by two 3500kW retractable thrusters in the midship, and two bow tunnel thrusters of 1145kW apiece. All thrusters were supplied by Wärtsilä.

The power system is based on six 4500kW Wärtsilä 9L32 diesel gensets, rated at 5400kVA at 6.6kV, delivering electrical energy to the board net, including the enormous offshore crane.

As support for DP system during hoisting operations, or to provide an alternative means of position holding, the vessel is fitted with a multi-winch system to serve an anchor spread. This compromises eight single drum winches suitable for 2200m of 76mm steel wire.

The vessel has been designed for future pipelay capability for single and double jointing systems of 6” - 60” pipes with a tensioning system of up to 675t A & R capacity. Main firing line is arranged below main deck and the ship can be equipped with a removable truss-type stinger situated at the aft of the vessel and a stinger handling system.

Length overall:182.85m, Length between perpendiculars 171.6m, Breadth moulded 37.8/47.0m, Depth at side: 19.2m, Operational draught (pipelaying): 8.50m, Operational draught (crane lifting mode):13.50m, Lightship mass: 29,155t, Service speed: 14knots.

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