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Control and Communication Centre (3C)


The Wärtsilä 3C is a fully integrated vessel control system with a single interface. It allows the seamless integration of all the essential vessel control systems, and covers the world’s first type approved integrated navigation system from a proven partner. The system provides a vital link between the bridge and the ship’s automation, engines, and propulsion control systems.

3C consists of multifunction displays covering full workstations with radar, ECDIS and conning, various sensors for target detection, heading, position and further navigation data with standardised user interfaces. 3C is based on know-how and components that are well known for their outstanding precision and reliable design. The control centre fulfils basic IMO requirements as well as highest class notations for one-man bridges. The use of standard hardware and software allows the configuration of modular system solutions, from the tanker or containership through the offshore supply ship and the mega yacht to the cruise ship.

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Control and Communication Centre (3C)