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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Cargo ship


Any ship designed to transport goods and no more than 12 passengers.

General cargo ship – Ship constructed for carrying of general cargo not packed in containers.

A vessel with the GL class notation EQUIPPED FOR CARRIAGE OF CONTAINERS is the General Cargo Ship carrying containers occasionally or as part cargo only, and equipped with the appropriate facilities. Such a vessel can have long holds to accommodate containers of different types and flush type lashing sockets on tank top and walls.

Multi-purpose cargo ship – The vessel designed for transport of wide range of commodities such as general cargo, forest products, dry bulk, grain, steel coils and usually equipped for transport of containers. Such vessels have tank top strengthened for heavy cargo and grab operation. Permissible tank top loading 10-20t/sqm.

A vessel with the GL class notation MULTI-PURPOSE DRY CARGO VESSEL is the ship constructed for the carriage of general and bulk cargo.

Cargo ship