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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Car decks


Light decks fitted in ferries and ro-ro vessels. Except for pure car carriers, car decks are usually designed to be movable. They may be stowed away when not required. There are three types of car decks and platforms; hoistable decks, liftable decks and sidepivoting decks.

Hoistable deck – A hoistable car deck has a number of separate panels hinged together. At each end, access ramps with entering flaps are provided. The deck is operated by means of a drive system consisting of a wire and hydraulic jigger winch mounted externally inside the ship structure, or internally into panels. The panels are stowed below the deck above.

Liftable car decks  – Liftable car decks have no integral lifting mechanism but are deployed by a mobile scissors lift. As a result, the maintenance requirements are minimal. When not required, the panels are stowed close against the deckhead above and locked in place by semi-automatic locking devices. When carrying cars, the mobile scissors lift is moved under each panel in turn and lowers it to required position. In a typical arrangement with the liftable deck in its intermediate position there will be clear heights of 1.7m above and 2.4m below. In its lower position the clear heights are 2.0m above and 2.1m below. See also Corex panels.