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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology



A compartment in the accommodation area provided for a passenger or member of the ship complement. With most cabins having their own private toilets, the location of these is important. Sanitary units should be arranged to ensure easy access to pipe connections, and in straight vertical lines to simplify piping.

Onboard the ferry COLOR FANTASY there are 966 cabins (604 with windows; 63%; 141 Suites) for maximum 2750 passengers and additional 250 cabins for the crew (221 crew, 29 officers). Passenger cabins vary in size from 10.5m2 (Three-Star inside), 13.5–13.7m2(Three-Star Sea-/Promenade-view), 13.9m2 (Four Star Fantasy Class in- and outside) and 24.5m2 (Five Star Fantasy Suite) as well as 35m2 (Five Star Owner Suite). The 966 passenger cabins are consisting of 494 cabins viewing the sea, 120 looking to the promenade and 353 inside.

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