Bulk carrier EYLUL K

According to Significant Ships of 2006

EYLUL K is the double hull 20,000dwt Turkish bulk carrier designed by Delta Marine Co from Istanbul and built by Torgem Shipyard. The vessel has four equally dimensioned (28.20m x 21.00m) cargo holds separated by double-skin transverse bulkheads built on stools, with the spaces between these used as water ballast tanks, and also to contain hold access trunks. This arrangement allows stiffening to be placed inside these tanks, and in the double-hull space, so that the holds are unobstructed for easy cleaning and maintenance. Tanktop structure complies with a Heavy Cargoes notation, with a maximum loading of 18 t/m2. Two tiers of steel coils can be loaded and grab discharge is catered for. All holds are mechanically ventilated and can carry dangerous cargoes.

All hatch covers open to the full size of the hold and are totally-enclosed, folding-pair, endstowing type. Cargo handling is accomplished by three NMF 24t SWL x 28m outreach electric deck cranes positioned between holds. The upper deck has been kept clear of obstructions with all pipes, cables, and valves arranged in access passages above the side ballast tanks or in the double bottom pipe tunnel.

The machinery installation is centered on an 8S35MC main engine developing 5920kW at 137rpm. It is directly coupled to an FP propeller, running in an openwater sternframe fitted with a high-lift rudder. Manoeuvring qualities of the vessel are improved by a bow thruster with CP propeller, developing 600kW at 437rpm. Electrical requirements are fulfilled by three alternators, each of 575kW output.

Engine room bunker tanks are protected from the sea, and the high ballast tank capacity obviates the requirement for ballast to be carried in holds and make ballast exchanges easier.

Length, oa: 157.90m, Length, bp: 151.50m, Breadth, mld: 23.20m, Depth to main deck: 12.50m, Draught design/maximum: 8.60/9.00m, Deadweight design/maximum: 20,000/21,000dwt, Gross tonnage: 14,000, Propulsion power: 5920kW, Service speed at 85% MCR: 14.00 knots.

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