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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Bilge keels


Fixed longitudinal plates fitted at the turn of the bilge so that their drag dampens rollamplitudes.

Bilge keels are to be attached to the shell by a doubler. In general, both the bilge keel and the doubler are to be continuous. The connections of the bilge keel to the doubler and doubler to the shell are to be double continuous fillet welds. Butt welds in the bilge keel and doubler are to be full penetration and are to be kept clear of master erection butts. In general, shell butts are to be flush in way of the doubler, and doubler butts are to be flush in way of the bilge keel. Scallops and cutouts are not to be used. The ends of the bilge keel are to be suitably tapered and are to terminate on an internal stiffening member.