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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology



The part of the ship which is used for cabins, dining areas and other crew facilities. SOLAS defines accommodation spaces as spaces used for public spaces, corridors, lavatories, cabins, offices, hospitals, cinemas, games and hobby rooms, barber shops, pantries containing no cooking appliances and similar spaces.

“With reduction in staffing and increases in the complexity of on-board systems, it is vital that crew members are provided with supportive accommodation spaces. Proper accommodations design and appropriate ambient environment enhance the safety, productivity, morale and overall well-being of crew.” “Conversely, improper accommodations design can adversely impact the crew members’ ability to reliably perform their duties, fully relax, sleep and recover from mentally and physically demanding work activities. This in turn may impact their ability to carry out duties on succeeding watches with the required diligence and accuracy.”

Source: ABS Guide for “Crew Habitability on Ships” (2001), can be downloaded from