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Encyclopedia of Marine and Energy Technology

Abrasive blasting


Cleaning of steel with abrasives propelled by compressed air jet preparatory to painting.

- Grit blasting, shot blasting – A cleaning process for metal plate in which dry metal shot or steel grit is projected at the surface. Open grit blasting is still the most popular way to prepare surfaces for coating. This method gives an ideal foundation for paint, and blast-cleaning combined with a modern, correctly used paint system will make the paint last 4-5 times longer than corresponding surfaces pretreated in a conventional way. Unfortunately, the dust caused by grit blasting poses health risks and can restrict the work of other trades. The use of hydrojetting (high pressure water blasting) or slurry blasting (grit media and water) can reduce this problem.

- Sand blasting – An abrasive cleaning method for steel plating which may use dry sand or a sand and water mixture.