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High quality parts for reliable operation

The reliability of an installation or an operation is the sum of its parts, including spare parts. High quality OEM parts are a critical factor in maintaining optimal performance throughout the lifecycle.

Wärtsilä OEM spare parts

Wärtsilä OEM spare parts

Original Wärtsilä spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong the lifecycle of your installation. On-going research and development ensure that you always get the latest applicable parts and ensured reliability.

We offer a full range of OEM spare parts, tools and consumables for all Wärtsilä brands:

Bolnes, Cedervall, Crepelle, Deep Sea Seals (DSS), DEUTZ marine engines, Deutz MWM, Dolphin, Eureka, GMT, Hamworthy, Japan Marine Technology (JMT), John Mills Valves, Kvaerner, LIPS, Moss, Nohab Diesel, Poyaud, Robert Cort, SACM, Shipham Valves, Stork SW Diesel , Sulzer, Super trident, Svanehoj, Whessoe, Wichmann, Wärtsilä, Wärtsilä Diesel

Bolnes, Crepelle, DEUTZ marine engines, Poyaud, SACM, Stork SW Diesel, Wärtsilä Winterthur A&S engines (old Sulzer) are supported by QuantiParts.

Spare parts

Quality parts are the source of reliability

OEM quality spare parts can have up to 50% longer service life compared to non-OEM parts. Also the possible unreliability of non-OEM spare parts may lead to high repair costs over the installation’s lifecycle, far exceeding the spare part costs. Using inferior spare parts instead of OEM may result in higher lube oil or fuel oil consumption leading to a dramatic increase in total operating costs.

Thoroughly checked and tested OEM spare parts that comply with major quality standards and authority regulations are the most competitive choice in the long run.

All original Wärtsilä spare parts have passed through extensive laboratory and field tests in order to make sure that they comply with the required specifications.

All parts are delivered with full warranty.

Lifecycle optimization

Prompt availability of spare parts

One stop shopping, reliable deliveries and prompt spare part availability enhance your routine maintenance, and also eases coping with unexpected situations requiring fast responses. We have the capability to truly deliver all parts you could need for all installation equipment from engines to auxiliary, propulsion systems and electrical, control and automation systems for all Wärtsilä brands.

By choosing Wärtsilä’s OEM parts, you can also ensure that you receive the right parts for your equipment configuration, thus avoiding delays in maintenance or even hazardous situations caused by incorrect parts. To identify the correct parts for your installation, we utilise an identification system based on unique serial numbers.

Lifecycle Optimization

Lifecycle optimization

Maintenance and fuel costs are a key factor in your installation’s total economics. Spare parts can play an important part in optimising the overall efficiency. By combining OEM spare parts with e.g. condition based monitoring and smart maintenance planning, you can considerably enhance your installation’s operation throughout its lifecycle.

Additional levels of support for your installation can also be provided through Wärtsilä’s service agreements, ranging from technical management and maintenance to complete asset management solutions.

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