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Designing and building power plants for utilities and industry has been our passion for decades. We have already delivered over 4700 plants ranging from 10 to over 600 MW in 170 countries worldwide.

Our Smart Power Generation power plants are based on multiple internal combustion engines and are able to run on any gaseous or liquid fuels, including biofuels. They provide industry-leading energy efficiency, fuel and operational flexibility, helping to integrate wind and solar power into the grid.

As a leading EPC (engineering, procurement & construction) contractor and lifecycle support provider, we also support our customers with project development, financing and project services according to needs.

The value we bring

From equipment supply to EPC solutions, even financial services - we bring your project to life!


Innovation is in our DNA. State-of-the-art engines are the beating hearts of our power plants.


From Australia to Alaska, the Amazon to the Arctic - we match our customer's varying needs and requirements.

Smart Power Generation

Interested in unleashing the full potential of your power system? The journey starts here.

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