Integrated Vessel Control Systems

Seamless integration of navigation and automation systems for more efficient, safer, and sustainable voyaging.


Vessels today need to comply with ever-higher demands on efficiency, durability, and safety. As new standards come into force, managing stricter emissions margins becomes necessary with no room to slack. In this new-normal, Wärtsilä Voyage’s Integrated Bridge Control Systems and Automation solutions provide seamless integration of systems, enabling the crew and office to take complete control of the ship at all times. A user-friendly interface and re-sailing the voyage in a simulator further help improve crew performance and efficacy. Plus, the lean architecture of the solution allows very cost-effective upgrades and refits.

Designed for new builds and retrofits, our integrated bridge system solutions for voyage planning and optimisation, embed the vessel into the logistic chain by connecting it to ports for Just-in-time arrival. This holistic approach to voyaging opens nth possibilities for truly effective vessel management.

For navigation

  • Platinum Navigation systems provide unique flexibility, redundancy and scalability paired with an intuitive user interface.
  • Truly multi-function workstations with integration possibilities allow monitoring and operation of all key systems installed on a modern wheelhouse in a uniform way.
  • 360° situational awareness capabilities, allowing the operator to concentrate on their primary task – safe navigation.
  • Scalable solution for both new builds and retrofits, from standalone ECDIS to the largest navigation system in service.

For automation

  • Scalable from small standalone systems to large integrated systems with seamless integration to other Wärtsilä products.
  • Unique automation platform based on decades of experience from delivering systems to merchant, cruise, and special vessels.
  • Easy to install and maintain with online diagnostics for crew maintenance.
Our solutions

Wärtsilä Navigation

Unique flexibility, redundancy and scalability paired with intuitive and user-centric tools — Wärtsilä Voyage's navigation solutions enable safe and fuel-efficient voyages with seamless planning, optimisation and collision avoidance systems.

Wärtsilä Automation

Based on decades of experience in delivering advanced and integrated systems to merchant, cruise and special vessels, our automation solutions are multifunctional and user-centric, where process-related information is always readily at hand.

Wärtsilä Propulsion Control Systems

Made for electric motors, thruster systems, as well as conventional mechanical propulsion systems, our solutions are designed for maximum redundancy, system availability and safety in demanding marine environments with lifelong support.
Service and maintenance
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