Wärtsilä Navigation Systems

Integrated user-centric systems for voyage planning, optimisation, and collision avoidance.

Our vessel navigation systems provide unique flexibility, redundancy and scalability paired with an intuitive user interface. It contributes to safe Navigation and energy-efficient voyage execution by providing user-centric tools for voyage planning, voyage optimisation and collision avoidance.

Wärtsilä’s Navigation offering builds on the strong heritage from MFD4000 ECDIS technology and the NACOS Platinum solution for integrated Navigation solutions and provides the right fit for all vessel types, operating models and operator requirements.

NACOS Platinum Navigation System

Platinum Navigation is part of the NACOS Platinum Family of integrated Vessel control systems for Navigation, Automation & Dynamic Positioning. It combines unique flexibility, redundancy and scalability with an intuitive user interface.

Platinum Navigation contributes to safe Navigation and energy efficient voyage execution by providing user centric tools for Voyage Planning, Voyage Optimization, Track Control and collision avoidance.

Platinum Navigation system are widely in service across all segments and types of ships, from small general cargo vessels up the largest container ships and most prestigious cruise Vessel.

Like all members of the NACOS Platinum Family, Platinum Navigation Systems features a unique architecture, where all system components are connected to a redundant network, providing unrivalled scalability yet little installation effort. Data is collected, shared system-wide and made accessible to the Navigator where needed, when needed. Platinum uses uniform Hardware components, while functionalities and applications are defined by Software configuration.

Based on more than 60 years of experience, Platinum Navigation uses fully in-house designed and manufactures Radars.

Platinum Navigation systems can easily integrate of 3rd Party systems, making it a tool to operate all relevant Bridge systems in a uniform way. A cyber secure Gateway for Remote Services, system diagnostics, remote chart updates and additional cloud services completes the Platinum offering.

Key benefits

  • Applicable to any ship, irrespective of size or type.
  • Fully integrated and its applications are engineered to operate in unison, utilizing shared resources and a common infrastructure.
  • Complies with all relevant international rules and with the regulations of all major classification societies, including DNVGL, ABS and Lloyds Register.

Key features

  • True Multi-function Workstations.
  • Common tool to perform most of the definition and individualization tasks for any installation.
  • The human-machine interface (HMI) is in accordance with the ideals of the ISO standard for ‘Human-Centered Design’, to provide optimal interaction quality and easy, effective and efficient use.
  • Fully integrated Track Control System with Speed Control option
  • In house designed Radar Technology
  • Flexible arrangements possible, from standalone Radars and Chart systems to large scale
  • Compliant with the most demanding class notations and equipment standards
  • FOS integration

MFD4000 Navigation System

Wärtsilä 4000 Multifunction Display System (MFD) is a flexible and fully redundant navigation solution providing the operator with a convenient task-oriented environment. The system combines Wärtsilä Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS MFD, Navi-Radar 4000 MFD, Navi-Conning 5000 and Bridge Alert Management System running simultaneously. All Wärtsilä 4000 MFD components are designed in compliance with IMO, IEC, DNV and Lloyds Register requirements.

Key advantage

4000 MFD concept is the integration and sharing of radar image and sensor data amongst the workstations connected on the network, such as:

  • Charts and databases
  • Sensor data
  • Radar data
  • Route and Voyage plan data
  • Alarms, warnings, and cautions
  • Track history and logbook
  • Key features

    Wärtsilä 4000 MFD software provides the common base for installation of ECDIS MFD and Radar MFD systems depending on the primary task/ functionality and required certificate:

    • ECDIS MFD is type-approved Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS in basic configuration with optional Radar Slave task for external radar connection without scanner control.
    • Radar MFD is type-approved Navi-Radar 4000 in basic configuration with X or S-band Scanner Set optionally for up or down mast installation depending on configuration.
    • Conning task is optional and when purchased once then is available on all workstations in network and can be displayed on extra monitor connected to any workstation for space saving and cost reduction.
    • Navi-Watcher 5000 BAMS (Bridge Alert Management System) can be provided as additional MFD task intended for collection and display of alerts from various sources on the bridge, as well as providing alerts history.
    • Navi-Watcher 5000 BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System) is integrated with Navi-Watcher 5000 BAMS and can be supplied as option. The purpose of BNWAS is to monitor bridge activity and detect Officer on Watch (OOW) disability which could lead to marine accidents.
    • Navi-Sailor 4000 TCS (Track Control System) function can be provided together with ECDIS Master task.

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    SmartPredict - Maneuvering Guidance for Safer Operations
    Wärtsilä NACOS PCS Platinum
    Remote Guidance

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