Wärtsilä Propulsion Control Systems

Cost-effective and reliable propulsion control systems for slow speed and medium speed engine configurations with fixed or controllable pitch propellers.


Wärtsilä offers propulsion control solutions for electric motor and thruster systems, as well as for conventional mechanical propulsion systems. The system is designed with redundant and physically separated processing control units for maximum system availability and operational safety. Command levers have an electric shaft system, and the setpoint potentiometers are dual for maximum redundancy and safety.

Both hardware and software are tailored to meet demanding marine environment and operational requirements, with lifelong support engineered into every component. The PCS components (EMS, EPS) are not only proven in use but also approved by main engine manufacturers (WinGD and MAN Diesel), as well as by all the major IACS class societies.

Key benefits

  • Complete automation package, including propulsion control from one supplier.
  • Type approved by all major class societies within IACS.
  • Standalone or installable with our Platinum series products.

Key features

  • Complete propulsion package from one supplier.
  • Flexible Engine Manoeuvring System (EMS).
  • Extensive alarm information.
  • LAN network-based system.
  • Available in both simple and complex setpoint system, including third-party setpoint.
  • Variety of telegraph system options, including electric shaft.

Additional information

Wärtsilä NACOS PCS Platinum
SmartPredict - Maneuvering Guidance for Safer Operations

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