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Integrated and exceedingly user-friendly marine automation available in a range of versions to suit every marine need.

Wärtsilä Automation solutions

The Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Marine Automation system is designed to enhance level of awareness, safety, and controls over every ship’s operational aspect, from a small standalone Alarm Monitoring System to a large Integrated Modular Architecture including wider portfolio and experience on different applications.

With NACOS Platinum 360° portfolio marine automation system, we can integrate processes, sensors, and even and third-party data in to one unique, modern reliable and robust platform that optimises installation and ownership costs.

That is why our automation system, power management and safety management system are chosen every day globally by top marine engineers, captains, shipowners, superintendents, yards, coast guards and across market segments. NACOS Platinum marine automation system’s user-centric design is based on decades of experience and customer feedback coming from every maritime segment. What sets our systems apart are a set of unique and integrated tools that enhance focus attention to where it’s needed the most, optimise work and daily tasks flow, event analysis, incident management and decision support tools to take monitoring and safety to next level.

Wärtsilä Voyage’s marine automation systems are available in different versions, from a basic design with only a few workstations, ships where space is limited, to customised solutions that offer ultimate ship system integration.

Application areas

  • Machinery Monitoring and Control System, which includes power management, power distribution, ballast controls, bilge system, tanks measurement and monitoring, along with main and auxiliary engine overview, engine room ventilation and more.
  • Safety Monitoring and Control System, which includes safety management systems, firefighting, emergency shut down, fire detection, damage control system, CCTV integration, lowlight location, traffic lights, dampers and fire door controllers and more.
  • Cargo Monitoring System that provides container and cargo operation overview and more.
  • HVAC and Hotel Solutions, including lift monitoring, swimming pool monitoring and more.
  • Performance and Environmental solutions: Overview and dedicated pages for better efficiency and environmental compliance such as ventilation, fuel consumption, oil discharge monitoring, ORO system, scrubbers monitoring and control and more.

installations globally

80 years

of experience in the industry

Why us?

Suitable for all types of vessels and suitable for vessels of all sizes

Our marine automation systems are on board passenger ships, iconic yachts as well as merchant vessels and even suitable for smaller tugs and boats for special research projects.

  • Cruise liners
  • Ferries
  • Ro-Ro Pax
  • Mega yachts
  • Container vessels and refer ships
  • Bulk carriers
  • general cargo vessels
  • LPG cargo and chemical tankers
  • Fishing boats
  • Tugs
  • Offshore supply
  • Research vessels

Premium product lifecycle and platform management support

We build our core software and hardware in-house, allowing us to ensure complete lifecycle management of the product, that is, 20 years of guaranteed maintenance -- fit, form and function. In addition, we have a global network of hundreds of highly skilled professionals and trained engineers, providing remote or on-site assistance 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Automation tools and features

Watchkeeping tools set

Watchkeeping tools are by far the most prominent features of an automation system. Our tool sets are tailored to specific watchkeeping tasks onboard, thereby simplifying daily tasks, reducing the chances of error, and optimising vessel management.

Our watchkeeping tools include:

  • Measurement functions to fuss on specific channel that require utmost attention
  • Digital sticky notes on the screen
  • Free hands drawings on process mimics
  • Action cards RFID and operator login, auditing, and profiles
  • Control transfer
  • UTC and local time synchronisation across every workstation
  • Advance mimic grouping and browsing
  • Scheduler
  • Centralised dimming
  • Multilanguage support
  • Dedicated alarm groups and alarm panels
  • Dedicated alarm priority group to help keep focus
  • Deadman

Record tools set

We know how crucial historical data to daily operation onboard -- from incident analysis to troubleshooting and much more. That is why our platform has the much-needed functions built into it from day one:

  • Trends tools
  • Replay functionality based on historical data
  • Reports and Journal
  • Printers for alarm and journal, snapshot and more

Maintenance tools set

Quality is always our number one priority. However, sometimes unexpected events happen. To minimise the impact of such performance deviation on your operations, we can provide a bunch of tolls for your on-board engineers:

  • Cloud based Remote Maintenance and Remote Guidance
  • Troubleshooting tools built in the HMI
  • Electronic documentation tools (such as manual and yard documents) built in the HMI
  • RescueKit, separate SuiteCase for manual recovery of failing workstations and PACs*
  • Disaster recovery; load images and software to failing device (workstation and or PACs)
  • Hot-swappable card technology for our DPUs (PLC) and I/O or Smart Sensors
  • System overview pages and network topology diagram on HMI
  • I/O connection at field level on HMI

Cyber secure cloud connectivity

These days, it is vital to have vessel integration capabilities that allow seamless ship-to-shore cloud connectivity. We therefore implement the most widely used industrial standards protocols to share Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Automation data outside of the classic onboard borders by keeping the new channels secure with advanced cyber security posture. This covers:

  • Interface with our cloud base services for fleet operations system, Wärtsilä FOS.
  • Interface with your fleet management system analytics tool with most common interfaces such OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus, NMEA etc.

Additional information

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