Wärtsilä Marine LNG conversion

Concern for the marine environment is rising and new measures have been, and will continue to be implemented to protect the oceans and seas. Switching to an environmentally friendly fuel can be considered a way of future-proofing it against tightening regulations. Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is an attractively priced and sustainable fuel that reduces environmental risks and harmful emissions. Using LNG engines decreases fuel costs while ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent regulations.

Whether a vessel can be converted to operate on LNG depends mainly on the space required by the LNG tanks and additional equipment required. Wärtsilä can manage your project on all aspects from feasibility studies, financing solutions, solution proposals, execution planning and implementation to full EPC solution.

    Technical info

    A complete vessel conversion includes the following elements:

    • Engine conversion to dual fuel
    • LNG tank(s) and foundation
    • LNG/NG double walled piping
    • Gas detection and fire suppression Inert plant/N2 storage and control air
    • Bunkering station(s)
    • Automation and control system
    • Exhaust pipe gas burst disc(s)
    • Gas compression system

    Dual fuel engines allow ships to be operated on either conventional liquid marine fuels (MGO, HFO, Light Fuel Oil (LFO) or liquid bio fuel) or LNG. The switch between fuels can be made seamlessly during operation without loss of power or speed.

    • Reduction of emissions, environmental fees and fuel costs
    • Dual fuel engine bring flexibility

    Dual fuel conversion is available for Wärtsilä Vasa 32/32LN, Wärtsilä 32 and Wärtsilä 46 engines.


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