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The benefits of smart energy efficiency management

A major transformation is taking place in the marine industry. Measures like the MRV directive and other global and local regulations are driving companies to adopt new technologies to ensure compliance and improve environmental performance.

At the same time there is a critical need to improve efficiency in highly competitive markets suffering from overcapacity. The shipboard environment is also becoming more complex, with an increasing number of variables to consider and a flood of data from on board systems.

Eniram, a Wärtsilä company, is dedicated to making smart shipping a reality. Our solutions create unique insights for your vessels with our Insight Factory technology – enabling you to optimize energy efficiency at the fleet, voyage and vessel level. These insights deliver improved performance, cost savings, and a reduction in emissions.

Managing fleet, voyage and vessel energy efficiency

We bring together experts with a unique set of skills – including seafarers, coders, and innovators – to develop solutions for the key issues facing your industry. We are moving beyond retroactive analysis towards proactive management with predictive insights and mobile alerts. Our solutions ensure that the right personnel know when a potential issue needs attention – even before problems happen.


Maximizing the energy efficiency of the marine industry

We empower our customers to maximize energy efficiency through digital insights, saving costs and increasing profitability – while cutting emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Fleet efficiency - Increasing your fleet-wide situational awareness

Better situational awareness enables a top-down, fleet-wide approach to improving energy efficiency. In easy-to-digest dashboards you get an overview of your fleet’s activities around the world, including vessel location and KPIs, combined with the latest weather and sea-state information.

  • Increase fleet-wide situational awareness and transparency as well as improve communication between onshore and onboard personnel, through a single online interface
  • Use independent analytics to improve operational and commercial decision-making and make reporting more efficient via automation
  • Take advantage of robust tools for self-service fleet performance analysis

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Fleet Efficiency

Voyage efficiency – optimizing your operational voyage performance

Voyage Efficiency

Optimizing voyage and operational performance results in concrete savings. You benefit from enriched data and analytics that help you to improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the planning of future voyages.

  • Aggregate voyage performance KPIs that are comparable across your fleet, including fleet ranking by excess consumption and costs
  • Improve voyage performance through diagnostics and by reducing the manual workload associated with report consolidation
  • Get a fuel-consumption breakdown to realize up to 10% savings per voyage – and a realistic view on areas for improvement, resulting in better budgeting accuracy and target setting

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Vessel efficiency - Optimizing your technical vessel performance

Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs with more detailed insights into your assets, including hull and propeller condition, speed fuel curves, and engine performance.

  • Reduce vessel propulsion/service power and engine SFOC with an optimized maintenance strategy
  • Increase transparency and implement best practices for vessels across your fleet with benchmarking
  • Enable accurate target setting, vessel commercial description, and equipment/vendor performance verification (e.g. coatings) through fuel-consumption normalization and removal of external factors

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Vessel Efficiency

We go beyond data collection to give you concrete insights

Collecting data is not enough. Our unique Wärtsilä Insight Factory approach is based on a mathematical model of each vessel that shows the connection between crew operations and efficiency, while also including external factors like current, wind, waves, and trim. We filter and analyze all this information with solutions based on naval architecture and state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms to give you highly accurate insights based on real measured data, not artificial estimates from simulations or laboratory tests. 

Wartsila insight factory

You take action

With our services you get real-time decision-making support to help teams improve your fleet, voyage and vessel energy efficiency management. Wärtsilä Insight Factory is not something you need to buy separately, it is the core technology within all our services.

Insight factory actions

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