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Optimise your vessel’s performance across its entire lifecycle

The maritime industry is in a period of transition towards more sustainable and energy-efficient operations, driven by the need to meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements. As a result, ship owners and operators are seeking technologies that will help them to stay compliant and competitive while at the same time maintaining profitability. 

To ensure that your assets deliver maximum value throughout their lifecycle you will need to make important decisions on issues like modernisations, modifications, upgrades and major repairs. A reliable partner that can provide future-proof solutions and is capable of managing every aspect of complex retrofit and upgrade projects is therefore invaluable. 
Merchant container vessel

Project management expertise that delivers

Wärtsilä’s professional service project managers and teams have a proven track record of running smooth, successful projects. We can take care of everything, from feasibility studies, financing solutions, solution proposals, execution planning and installation and commissioning to full engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions. Because every situation is unique, our approach is highly flexible and adaptable to your needs, resulting in better predictability, broader scope and minimised downtime.

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Wärtsilä offered a full supply scope, including a detailed engineering design package, which due to our small engineering team and limited resources proved invaluable. We felt that we were all part of the same team, all seeking the common aim of ensuring a successful installation in an efficient and timely manner.
Ross Shergold, Technical Manager at UK Dredging.

Solutions for optimising your vessel’s performance

LNG conversions

Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is a sustainable fuel that reduces environmental risks and harmful emissions...

4-stroke engine upgrades

With the engine upgrades you can boost performance, lower emissions, improve safety or extend the lifetime...

Hybrid upgrades

The Wärtsilä hybrid/battery systems and integration with engine gensets offers significant efficiency...

2-stroke engine upgrades

Two-stroke engine upgrades to lower emissions, optimizes assets, efficiency, reliability and safety...

Shore connection systems

A shore connection system enables ships to meet their electrical power requirements when the engines...

Propulsion system upgrades

Propulsion efficiency is one of the most effective ways of reducing operating costs. Installing an energy...

Re-powering projects

When a vessel’s engines are reaching the end of their lifecycle, a re-powering solution is needed to...

Exhaust gas cleaning retrofits

Wärtsilä has a long track record of delivering scrubber-system retrofits for leading shipping operators...


  • North Sea Giant_slide

    North Sea Giant

    Wärtsilä Hybrid upgrade brings significant fuel savings for offshore vessel

  • Marlin

    UKD Marlin

    Improved reliability for re-powered dredger

  • Tallink-reference-small-banner


    New Baltic Sea ferry will be powered by environmentally sustainable Wärtsilä dual-fuel engines

  • arvika_slide

    MV Arvika

    Wärtsilä EnergoProFin improves the fuel efficiency of bulk carrier MV Arvika

  • Finnbreeze-Foerster


    Finnlines relies on Wärtsilä exhaust gas cleaning systems to run on less costly HFO and at the same time comply with environmental regulations

The engineers from Wärtsilä did a good job and delivered on their promises so that we could keep to the very tight schedule at the shipyard.
Henning Revne, Technical Manager at North Sea Shipping.

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    Propulsion Energy Efficiency

    In the fiercely competitive world of shipping, every drop of fuel matters. Wärtsilä continuously develops energy efficiency solutions… 

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    A clean environment - Towards zero-emission shipping

    Environmental protection is a key driver in the maritime industry today, both in terms of meeting legislative requirements… 

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    LNG as a marine fuel boosts profitability

    Fuel choice is an increasingly important decision, affecting both profitability and environmental compliance...

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    Time to take another look at LNG conversions?

    Modern efficiency-boosting technologies can help vessel owners and operators reduce emissions levels...
    17 April 2021
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    Shipowners should use pandemic downtime...

    The coronavirus crisis has seen different segments in the maritime industry retrofitting their vessels...
    19 November 2020
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    Timely engine control system upgrade...

    To mitigate the risk of delays posed by aging equipment, leading global shipping operator Maersk engaged...
    1 March 2021
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    The world of Wärtsilä Scrubbers

    As regulations to cut emissions get stricter and deadlines loom large, scrubbers are growing in importance...
    17 January 2019
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    A well-timed boost gives Wärtsilä 46...

    Prosperity follows electricity, and one small island is taking steps to develop its economy and its power...
    22 January 2021
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    Why propulsion efficiency is the name...

    By focusing on optimising the lifecycle efficiency of ships, Wärtsilä's role as a full-service provider...
    14 March 2018
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    How a propulsion retrofit led to savings...

    The installation of controllable pitch propeller blades with innovative design led to fuel savings of...
    25 November 2020
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    Princess Hybrid

    Technology front-runner Eidesvik has become the first offshore services company to replace a gen-set...
    13 March 2018
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