Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment

Upgrades & Agreements

Ahead of the compliance curve

At Wärtsilä Exhaust Treatment, we know that a scrubber is a considerable investment for the long term. That is why we are committed to constantly upgrade and improve our solutions in line with the latest and best available technology, as well as to meet customer and market demands.

A Wärtsilä exhaust gas treatment system ensures you stay ahead of the compliance curve, providing a solution ahead of IMO action on shipping emissions. And as part of this, Wärtsilä continually explores ways of making scrubbers more affordable to ensure further strong uptake across the market. 

When they are ready, we want to get these upgrades where they matter: into the hands of owners and operators and the vessels using our systems. That is why we commit to work with all our customers to continuously upgrade our exhaust gas treatment systems.

Ensuring uptime of your exhaust gas treatment system means saving money. Wärtsilä is committed to finding a maintenance agreement solution that suits our customers' needs. 

Key benefits with a Wärtsilä Agreement

  • Get scrubber system related maintenance, OEM spare parts and consumables – anytime, anywhere.
  • Support you to operate the scrubber systems according to your Onboard Monitoring Manual.
  • Get an overview of your fleet and insights into from a  fuel efficiency and emissions perspective.
  • Control maintenance costs while ensuring service levels
  • Ensure long-term cost predictability.
  • Maximise uptime through optimised maintenance.
  • Ensure global coordination through network companies with workshops and skilled service experts.
  • Receive technical advice on system status, technical developments and optimization options based on hands-on experience from your scrubber system.


Regular maintenance by a trained professional and cyclic training of crew would have prevented the exhaust gas analyser failure from happening or it would have given the vessel time to react on corrective actions before the sudden failure occurred.

- Christian Lohner, Product Manager, SICK AG

Upgrade to meet new regulations

For many shipowners and operators, it will be relevant to upgrade their systems to meet new regulations and to save operating costs. Read more about some of our most frequent upgrades.


Wärtsilä Expert Insight - Part of the Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions

Predictability is king. That is why we work closely with our customers to ensure that our technologies, once installed, always operate as intended. 

We also support owners and operators to be able to quantify the savings that our exhaust gas treatment systems generate, giving you a full understanding of payback and profitability.