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Special purpose vessels – complexity matched by experience

From fishing vessels and dredgers to tugs and naval vessels the technically complex requirements and specific operating profiles are unique. They also require environmentally and economical solutions to ensure that the vessels meet tight emission regulations while offering efficiency and reliability that navies, owners, and charterers are demanding. Wärtsilä offers integrated solutions that meet these very specific and high-performance needs, from efficient dual-fuel engines and hybrid systems to propulsion, lifecycle services and navigation and automation systems there is a clear reliable route to decarbonisation and efficiency no matter what the vessel or environment they operate in. 


11 MAY 2022 Article
6 min read
Improve manoeuvrability and efficiency for newbuild feeder vessels with a CPP
Learn how combining a controllable pitch propeller and shaft generator...
10 MAY 2022 Article
6 min read
Wärtsilä W32 methanol launch webinar
The Wärtsilä 32 Methanol engine is part of Wärtsilä’s wider efforts to help decarbonise the maritime industry...
29 APR 2022 Article
6 min read
LNG – Fuel for thought in our deep-dive Q&A
Four Wärtsilä experts discuss the advantages and issues related to adopting LNG as a future fuel for...
7 APR 2022 Article
6 min read
DC or not DC, that is the question
What are the advantages and disadvantages of DC hubs? When are they useful and what problems can arise when...
28 MAR 2022 Article
3 min read
Driving fleet decarbonisation with data-led advice
As the entry into force of IMO’s energy efficiency regulations EEXI and CII rapidly approaches,...
16 DEC 2021 Article
3 min read
Wärtsilä waterjets – the lightest and most efficient on the market
Wärtsilä waterjets help operators increase efficiency and lower emissions while...

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Decarbonising Shipping Week - Preparing for Tomorrow Today
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Integrated drive train solutions for high speed craft
19 May 2021 - EUAF session
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9 OCT 2020 Webinar
Hybrid Ferry & Tug Solutions - development and delivery

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