Optimise the efficiency and performance of your assets

Lifecycle solutions - Service agreements for the energy industry

Wärtsilä’s Lifecycle solutions for the energy industry provide guaranteed operational reliability and efficiency backed up by expert advice on optimising power plant operation and maintenance. Guidance on equipment performance and operations monitoring ensures high performance level and maximised uptime for the power plant.
“Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions enhance power plant performance and support business growth.

Wärtsilä Expertise centres

Wärtsilä Expertise centres around the world support customers who have a Wärtsilä lifecycle solution with advice and recommendations based on analysis of condition and performance monitoring data. They are the contact point through which power plant owners and operators receive support in the day-to-day operation of their power plants as well as in unforeseen situations. They also identify improvement possibilities and communicate these to the customers. Expertise centres enable a holistic view of power plant operations and through performance guarantees as part of Lifecycle solutions create value for customers.

Graphic Power Plant


    Engine power plants

    Wärtsilä Lifecycle solutions optimise the efficiency and performance of your 
    power plant. We ensure your power plant operates in the most energy-efficient 
    way and that your power plant is operated in accordance with regulations.

    Solution catalogue

    Quisqueya Power Plant

    Hybrid power plants

    A Wärtsilä Lifecycle solution guarantees reliable performance and ensures that you get the best possible return on your investment while further optimising your operation and maintenance costs.

    Operation and Maintenance

    Guaranteed asset performance

    Energy storage

    Focus on strengthening your core business while ensuring that your energy storage system is performing at its best. A Wärtsilä Lifecycle solution optimises the productivity and profitability of your system throughout its entire lifecycle.

    Guaranteed asset performance

    Optimised maintenance

    Maintenance management and operational advisory services

    Wärtsilä energy storage

    Wärsilä's energy storage offering includes containerised solutions


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