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Wärtsilä 34DF multi-fuel power plant

Reliable and flexible multi-fuel operation combined with high efficiency over the whole load range and in any operating profile makes this plant excellent for both flexible baseload and peak load, and supporting the grid with a variety of ancillary services like up– and down– regulation.

■ Ultimate combination of efficiency, operational flexibility and fuel flexibility

■ Can operate on natural gas or any liquid fuel, including HFO, and switch between them back and forth while delivering power to the grid.

■ Full power can be achieved with a wide range of gas qualities.

■ Combination of low emissions in gas mode with an efficient liquid fuel mode that can use low-grade fuel oils

■ Genset is easily transported in one piece to challenging locations

    Output & configuration
    Plant output   10-400 MW 
    Configuration  1-36x 20V34DF

    Efficiency  Gas  48 
     Liq. fuel  45
    Ramp rate  % load /min >100
    Minimum load  Efficiency mode  %  3
     Spinning mode %  30 
    Loading & unloading

       Sync Full 
    Regular start time Gas  min  < 3  < 10 
     Liq. fuel < 1 < 6 
    Fast start time  Gas  min < 2 < 6 
     Liq. fuel  < 1 < 3 
    Ultra fast start time  min  n/a n/a 
    Stop time  min  1

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