Wärtsilä 50SG gas power plant

High efficiency in a small footprint combined with high reliability and flexibility makes this solution perfect for flexible baseload applications including daily starts and stops, also providing ancillary services like regulation up&down and tertiary reserves.

  • Most efficient single-cycle solution: over 50% efficiency with turbogenerator
  • Combined cycle-like efficiency from a simple cycle solution
  • Full power can be achieved with a wide range of gas qualities, a varying methane number or heating value do not affect the operation
  • Robust, reliable genset, proven in the most challenging environments
  • Makes the most out of the cleanest fossil fuel available - natural gas
  • Minimum area requirement for a given output

    Output & configuration
    Plant output  MW   50-700 
    Configuration    3-36x 18V50SG

    Efficiency  50 
    Ramp rate  % load /min >100
    Minimum load  Efficiency mode  %  3
     Spinning mode %  30 
    Loading & unloading

    Sync Full
    Regular start time min < 2 < 10
    Fast start time min < 2 < 5
    Ultra fast start time min n/a n/a
    Stop time min 1
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