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We engineers like theories, charts and bullet points. But the issues involved in the energy transition have real consequences. Not just for us, but everyone on the planet.

To push our team to find the right answers, we turned to the only people big enough to ask the right questions: kids. In this breakthrough series of interviews, our top executives are grilled on the environmental impact, the technology, the economics and the feasibility of balancing technology - by the very people who are going to have to live in the future we’re creating now.

Episode 1: Saving the planet

Wärtsilä is convinced that balancing is the path to a 100% renewable energy future. But if Business Director of Europe for Wärtsilä Energy, Pekka Tolonen, really is here to save the planet, what other superpowers does he have? Our interviewer Anton (10) decided to find out.

Episode 2: Speaking economics

Wärtsilä’s balancing technology is a compelling long term investment. And yet, wonders Ida, (13), if the wind and sun are both free - why is anyone paying for it at all? Vice President of Africa & Europe of Wärtsilä Energy, Björn Ullbro, was on hand to crunch the numbers.

Episode 3: Talking tech

Wärtsilä’s balancing technology is already bringing the future closer in many countries. But does it come with a decent app? Our reporter Ralph (11) asks the Product Director at Wärtsilä Energy, Rasmus Teir, the tech questions others don’t dare.

Episode 4: Changing energy

Wärtsilä’s balancing technology is making the energy transition a reality. But what about the future we’re transitioning to? Will everyone’s energy come from the sun and wind - and will there be unicorns? Alma (8), asks Anja Frada, Vice President for Strategy & Business Development at Wärtsilä Energy the tough questions.
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Wärtsilä 34SG Balancer

Agility and flexibility combined with high efficiency over the whole load range and in any operating...


Ensuring power plant performance and competitiveness.

Key benefits of our balancing solutions

Flexible Icon - Our balancing power plants can be adapted to different operation profiles


Our balancing power plants can be adapted to different operation profiles and running hours - so you can integrate renewables seamlessly into your energy mix as they come on-stream.

Our plants can already today run on biogas and hydrogen-blends, while our fuel-pioneering R&D is continuously working on adapting our solutions to future fuel alternatives.

Proditable icon - Our balancing solutions are well poised to maximize the revenue stack


With outstanding efficiency, fast start up times and a wide load range, our balancing solutions are well poised to maximise the revenue stack in a dynamic balancing market.

A high power density and a plant design optimised for balancing lowers the investment burden.

Remote monitoring and control means you need fewer people on the ground.

Reliable icon - Up to 99% reliability year round in the plants we operate.


We’ve delivered over 74GW in 180 countries - so we know when a technology works. And this technology has clocked over 43 million hours of run time - with up to 99% reliability year round in the plants we operate.

We provide 24/7 support from our Expertise Centres to customers with Wärtsilä Lifecycle solution.

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100% renewable electricity system

How would a cost-optimal 100% renewable electricity system look like in Central Europe versus West Africa? Download the white paper to find out.

Optimising the UK´s shift to a renewable-powered economy

Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab Report

This report shows what is possible to achieve by 2030 based on current policy ambitions and the technical constraints and market structures that govern the UK energy system today. The UK can go further, faster.

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