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Futureproof your fleet with Wärtsilä's flexible fuels conversion platform

The Wärtsilä Two-Stroke Future Fuels Conversion Platform introduces ground-breaking fuel injection technology and combustion concept that enables ship owners to move towards a renewable and decarbonised future in a viable and flexible way. Starting from LNG, a widely available and reliable fuel, and transiting later to other fuels such as green methanol, ammonia or blends of fuels, this retrofit solution supports the decarbonisation of existing vessels, increasing their commercial value and lifetime.


    • Reduced emissions and GHG footprint with negligible fuel slip and overall energy consumption
    • Long-term CII compliance and extended operational lifetime for the vessel  
    • Fuel flexibility futureproofing the investment
    • Fast and straightforward retrofitting concept 
    • Short pay-back time and access to sustainable financing

    Reduced CO2 footprint with negligible methane slip when switching to LNG

    A technology platform designed for ease of retrofit and fuel flexibility

    Our patented technology platform features a pioneering cryogenic fuel supply system and flexible combustion process, with advantages such as low energy demand and negligible fuel slip. Understanding that off-hire time can be a barrier to fuel conversion projects, the platform design focuses on rapid retrofitting. Further attention is given to design modularity, enabling the switch to a different fuel on the platform with a modest investment and minimal retrofit effort.

    • Reliable and cost-efficient fuel conversion of any two-stroke electronically controlled propulsion engine
    • A combustion concept which – depending on fuel type and quality – selects the optimal burning process, eliminating fuel slip
    • Low-complexity cryogenic fuel supply system with minimal energy demand
    • A streamlined retrofit process that enables the fuel conversion within a scheduled dry-docking timeframe
    • Modular design that offers true fuel flexibility, adaptable to the customer’s decarbonisation strategy
    • The technology platform is complemented by Wärtsilä’s market-leading Fuel Gas Supply Systems to form turnkey fuel conversion solutions

    Fuel flexibility means that the first step towards adopting the use of future fuels can be taken now knowing that the investment will not become obsolete. The benefits, both economic and environmental, are massive.

    - Roger Holm, President Marine Power & EVP Wärtsilä Corporation

    Improve your business performance while reducing emissions

    Based on current fuel prices, converting two-stroke engines to future fuels brings substantial economic benefits. For typical larger vessels (for example a 10,000–13,000 TEU container ship) consuming 30,000 tons of liquid fuel per year with a 10-year remaining lifetime, the conversion is a sound investment. With less than four years’ payback time the conversion enables CO2 reduction of 21,000 tons annually.

    NPV = Net Present Value of 10 year free cash flow per vessel (with 8% WACC)

    IRR = Internal Rate of Return for your investment

    Payback time

    Off-hire days beyond usual drydocking time for retrofit installation



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