Understanding the needs of cruise operators is central to Wärtsilä’s approach in providing solutions that achieve outstanding levels of efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental compliance. At the same time, passenger comfort is always at the top of our agenda when preparing a customised offering to cruise professionals. We call this our ‘connecting the dots’ policy; in other words, your needs become our priority. This is what has made Wärtsilä an industry leader.
By working closely with our customers and listening carefully to their needs, Wärtsilä strives to be the most valued business partner.”

Your most valued business partner

We can provide a ‘one-stopshopping’ service through our unrivalled portfolio, which means that we can be involved from the very early stages of the newbuild project. With a single, reliable supplier of integrated systems and solutions, not only are procurement procedures eased, but the entire construction time and costs can also be reduced. And we go still further; since Wärtsilä has the most complete global service network in the industry, we can be your business partner supporting you throughout the entire lifecycle of the ship.

Our broad offering is supported by years of experience and extensive in-house know-how.”

A more comprehensive offering

No other company in the world can match Wärtsilä’s extensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions. We serve the cruise ship sector with complete power and propulsion systems, electrical and automation technology, a range of environmental solutions and much more, all of which are tailored to suit your operational needs. Furthermore, we are able to fully integrate these products and systems to ensure greater efficiency and lower operating costs. We also minimise vibration and noise for better onboard comfort.



  • Single responsibility means just one point of contact – Wärtsilä
  • Reduced risk of incompatibilities
  • Time savings in design and engineering
  • Simpler procurement procedures with lower supply and timing risks
  • Fewer project participants means faster decision making and less coordination difficulties
  • Allows shipyards to focus on their core competences
  • Classification handling for complete onboard systems
  • Production scheduling is streamlined




Wärtsilä Waste Treatment

A complete waste management solution for cruise ships

We have always been ahead of the game in meeting environmental demands.”

Environmental sustainability

    Smokeless engines

    Wärtsilä’s common rail technology is a fuel injection system that facilitates high levels of combustion efficiency, and offers economical power generation whilst reducing exhaust emissions. These benefits are achieved through accurate regulation and timing of the high pressure fuel delivery to the cylinders.

    A UNIC (Wärtsilä Unified Controls) engine control system monitors the engine’s operating parameters and uses the resulting data to adjust fuel flow, thereby maximizing performance under all conditions. The system also allows switching between different fuel grades while maintaining maximum efficiency.

    Reduction of exhaust emissions

    Our existing engines can also be modified with both primary and secondary methods of developed NOX reduction technologies. Primary methods include: dual-fuel engines, an efficiency rudder, highly efficient propellers, oceanguard seals, and CBM (Condition Based Monitoring). Secondary methods include: the Compact Silencer System, Scrubbers, SCR, Senitec products, and Wetpac.

    To reduce CO2 and SOX emissions we have increased engine efficiency, developed multi-fuel engines, and produced technologies that advance the efficiency of the entire ship. Our exhaust gas cleaning technology means lower operating costs through access to less costly fuel, avoiding fuel switching, storage, and availability issues, and reducing the operational impact on the environment.

    Wärtsilä also now offers a series of modular high voltage shore connection systems (HVSC) to provide in-harbour electrical power without the use of auxiliary engines.

    Water treatment

    Wärtsilä’s waste water processing offer a cost-effective and safe means to avoid discharging waste water to the sea. Our sewage treatment plants are certified to meet IMO MEPC 227(64) guidelines, and are optimised for the treatment of black and grey wastewater flows.

    The Wärtsilä Aquarius® Ballast Water Management System range comprises two product series developed to enable our customers to meet their global ballast water discharge regulatory obligations. Both technical solutions have achieved IMO type approval status and have been AMS accepted by the USCG.

    In addition we supply Vacuum System Technology, Fresh Water Generation and Oily Water Systems, all aiming to preserve the quality of the world’s oceans.

    Gas age technologies

    Our first dualfuel engines capable of operating on either gas or conventional diesel fuels were introduced already in the 1990s, and our first conversion project changing an existing large vessel from diesel to LNG fuel, successfully took place in 2011.

    Our patented LNGPac system, a complete system for LNG fuel handling, including the bunkering station, the storage tank and all essential control and monitoring systems, was introduced in 2010. This unique innovation has proven to be a valuable enabler for the switch to gas in marine applications.

    Global shipping, including the cruise industry, is entering the gas age. The benefits are both economic and environmental. With LNG as fuel, SOx emissions are eliminated entirely, NOx emissions are 85 % lower than with diesel, and CO2 emissions are reduced by 30 %. Wärtsilä is involved at all stages of the gas value chain, and we can help and advise you in deciding whether or not LNG should be part of your fleet’s future.

    Water lubricated tail shaft solutions

    Wärtsilä has been the leading supplier for seals and bearings solutions for over a century, providing not only excellence, but also reliability and knowhow. We have always been on the front end of environmental sustainability ensuring the best solutions for our customers, offering both standardised and bespoke designs.

    Our broad selection of advanced seals and bearings are economically sound solutions that are fully compliant with all present and upcoming environmental regulation standards, including the 2013 US EPA Vessel General Permit. The installation of Wärtsilä’s open water lubricated package eliminates all risks of pollution and reduces costs by extending the operational life of the seals and bearings. Our water lubricated solutions ensure continuous and smooth operation of your tail shaft equipment, but also the environmental compliance of your vessel. Whatever the requirement, Wärtsilä can provide a solution.

    We strive to optimize the operational reliability, cost-efficiency, and environmental sustainability of cruise ships.”

    Customer Stories

    Attention to detail

    Wärtsilä’s close attention to detail leads to greater operational reliability, safety and efficiency, and of course, peace of mind for the operator. Here are a few examples of what we mean:

    Orange-bullet Operational safety
    By ensuring that the condition of your machinery is known, unexpected failures can be prevented. Optimised Maintenance Planning based on equipment data, operational reports, and periodical inspections make it possible to address emerging issues before they escalate and compromise operations.
    Orange-bullet Ensured efficiency
    Wärtsilä’s Engine Efficiency Monitoring service helps minimise fuel consumption and optimise operational practices. This ensures ideal running conditions and supports decisions relating to overhauls.
    Orange-bullet Maximised uptime
    Dynamic Maintenance Planning is a Wärtsilä system for continuous monitoring, measuring, and analysis of the equipment condition. This allows for maintenance to be accurately planned according to actual need, rather than on a traditional hour-based schedule. This extends and coordinates maintenance intervals, while keeping the installation running at optimum performance.
    Orange-bullet Dedicated support
    Our lifecycle solutions include a dedicated contact person who coordinates the maintenance work. Spare parts logistics and the global coordination of competent service experts and crews is part of the service. Through our service and workshop network, we can provide access to 4,500 field service professionals in 160 locations in 70 countries. Our support also includes analyses and audits, obsolescence management, latest design and upgrades information, improvement suggestions, as well as reports for compliance with classification society requirements.
    Above all, we supply peace of mind through the knowledge that your installation is being serviced by the most experienced partner you could have.”

    Products & Services


    Dynamic Lighting System

    Successful cruise operations depend on everything being right, both above and below decks.”

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