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LPG to power
Wärtsilä offers unique solutions for producing power with LPG
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is an excellent choice of fuel for power plants where natural gas for various reasons is not available. There are a number of reasons for the increasing popularity of LPG for power generation.

  • LPG is a cleaner fuel than heavy fuel oil
  • LPG is traded as a commodity worldwide 
  • Transportation is easy by sea, rail or truck, regardless of batch size
  • Storage of LPG is relatively simple and does not require cryogenic storage tanks
  • Storage and distribution infrastructure for LPG is readily available in many counties as it is used for transportation, industry and also small scale heating and cooking

    Wärtsilä's multi-fuel solutions for LPG


    LPG power plants with 
    light fuel oil as back-up fuel 

    For power systems where a back-up fuel to LPG is required, this LPG power plant solution offers the opportunity to use light fuel oil (diesel) as back-up. 


    Future-proofed LPG power plants
    with natural gas capability

    This LPG power plant solution is an interesting option for sites where natural gas is expected to be available in the future. After switching to gas, LPG can be used as back-up fuel. 

    LPG to power with Wärtsilä’s fuel flexible solutions

    LPG to power markets

    The choice of fuel (or fuels) and power generation technology are the most important decisions to be made for any new power plant. Emissions regulations, regional fuel availability and pricing, as well as the future outlook determines the choice of fuel(s). The fuel flexibility of the plant is determined by the choice of power generation technology.

    LPG is widely available and is already supplied across the world in large and small quantities. Importing LPG in quantities suitable for power generation, especially for small and medium sized plants and power systems, is easier and the infrastructure is less costly than the equivalent systems for importing LNG.

    LPG Power generation for utilities and IPPs

    Security of electricity supply is important and for this reason a back-up fuel to LPG is often a requirement. This is especially critical in smaller isolated power systems with a limited number of plants and units in the system.

    Wärtsilä offers two different multi-fuel solutions that use LPG as fuel. One solution can, during operation, be switched to run on diesel as a back-up fuel. This is valuable in the case of a disruption in the LPG supply for any reason. The other solution burns either LPG or natural gas, and is ideal for plants where natural gas is expected to be available in the future. Also, in small and medium-sized power systems with varying system demand, large single-unit power plants can be problematic. Here flexible baseload, multi-unit power plant solutions as provided by Wärtsilä are ideal. The plants give both the highest possible availability at system and plant level, as well as the highest possible overall efficiency for the power system.

    Industrial self-generation on LPG

    Pltmg Bontang, Indonesia
    A reliable and price competitive electricity supply is an essential factor for any industry. In many power systems, self-generation can be the most attractive solution for industries or industrial zones. For mines and other industries in remote locations, self-generation is often the only option.

    Cogeneration is an attractive option for utilizing free-of-charge waste heat from power generation. The recovered waste heat can be used in the form of steam, hot water, or for chilling capacity for the manufacturing process and / or facility temperature control. Wärtsilä can help customers to tailor the waste heat recovery system to match the customer’s needs and to achieve maximum overall operational efficiency.  

    Wärtsilä's flexible LPG power plants facilitate future large scale integration of renewables 

    Flexibility of operation and multi-unit plant configurations are essential for the future integration of renewables in any power system. Thermal power plants will in the future have to cope with multiple starts and fast ramping on a daily basis in order to be able to back-up and maximize renewable generation. When choosing the technology for the next generation of thermal power plants, it is important that the chosen technology optimizes the power system as a whole and facilitates the future larger scale integration of renewables. 

    Wärtsilä’s fuel flexible multi-unit LPG plant solutions offer plant and system operators as well as off-takers peace of mind.

    Wärtsilä LPG references

      Industrial cogeneration plant
     Location   Central America 
     Operating mode  Industrial baseload
     Total output  14 MW 
     Fuel  LPG
     Scope  Engineered equipment delivery
     Delivery  2015

      Roatan Electric Company
     Location   Roatan Island, Honduras           
     Operating mode  Utility, flexible baseload
     Total output  28 MW 
     Fuel  LPG
     Scope  EPC
     Delivery  2016

      US Virgin islands Water and Power Authority
     Location   US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas  
     Operating mode  Utility, flexible baseload
     Total output  21 MW 
     Fuel  LPG
     Scope  EPC
     Delivery  2018

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    March 2019, World LPG Association

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