Engine power plants

Flexible, efficient and environmentally advanced energy solutions

We know that flexibility is the key to profitable power generation. Our combustion engine plants provide ultimate flexibility with high efficiency, harnessing gaseous, liquid or biofuels. Whether you prioritise baseload, peaking power or grid stability services, we have a solution for it.

Gas power plants

Unleashing the full potential of the cleanest fossil fuel available. Over 50% single-cycle efficiency is not a dream anymore!

Wärtsilä Balancing solutions

For balancing renewable power generation, peak load, and for supporting the grid with a variety of ancillary services.

Multi-fuel power plants

Dealing with a fluctuating fuel supply? Need for power to be available no-matter-what? No problem. These plants deliver with any fuel mix.

Liquid fuel power plants

Using the most widely available fuels in the most environmentally responsible way possible, and taking power where it is needed the most.

Biofuel power plants

Extracting energy from nature and putting it at your service.

Engine power plant configurations

Family 31

Wärtsilä 31 engine family

future-proof plant solutions with world-class efficiency

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