Engine Power Plants
Future-proof energy solutions with high flexibility and efficiency

Profitable power generation

We believe that flexibility is the key to profitable power generation. Our engine power plants provide future-proof energy solutions with high flexibility and efficiency.  Our energy solutions range from baseload availability to an optimised transition to renewable energy.  
At Wärtsilä, we want to ensure that our engines run efficiently and reliably regardless of which fuel becomes the leading choice. Whatever the future holds, Wärtsilä’s engines will be able to handle it – so you can invest in a more sustainable future with full confidence today.

Engine power plant solutions

Gas power plants

Unleashing the full potential of the cleanest fossil fuel available. Over 50% single-cycle efficiency is not a dream anymore!

Wärtsilä Balancing solutions

For balancing renewable power generation, peak load, and for supporting the grid with a variety of ancillary services.

Multi-fuel power plants

Dealing with a fluctuating fuel supply? Need for power to be available no-matter-what? No problem. These plants deliver with any fuel mix.

Liquid fuel power plants

Using the most widely available fuels in the most environmentally responsible way possible, and taking power where it is needed the most.

Biofuel power plants

Extracting energy from nature and putting it at your service.

Engine power plant configurations

A fuel-flexible future
Engines using future fuels are the key to 100% renewable power generation

Wärtsilä is helping to create a 100% renewable energy future for electricity generation. Our flexible engine power plants are already capable of using 100% synthetic and carbon-neutral methane and methanol. They are also capable of combusting hydrogen/natural gas blends with up to 25% hydrogen – and we’re working towards an engine and power plant concept for pure hydrogen operations.

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    Take advantage of existing technologies

    Power-to-X technologies, which use excess solar or wind to create carbon-neutral future fuels like synthetic methane and methanol or green hydrogen out of water and air, already exist. Green hydrogen is likely to become a key part of fuel systems in the future and can already be combusted as part of a blend with natural gas to reduce emissions.

    Harness our experience and continuous technology development Wärtsilä has a long history of innovation and is continuously working on improving the efficiency of our engines while also developing Power-to-X solutions. Wärtsilä has been researching hydrogen as a fuel for more than two decades and is working towards a pure hydrogen concept.

    Ensure flexibility with engine power plants

    Flexible engines can quickly ramp up and down as needed to balance the intermittent nature of renewables like solar and wind. Future fuels together with engines can take care of long-term energy storage needs for periods with persistently low wind or solar conditions, such as in winter or during the monsoon season.

    Future-proof your investments

    Wärtsilä engines are a future-proof investment that can already combust 100% synthetic carbon-neutral methane and methanol and operate on blends of natural gas and hydrogen.

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    Technical comparisons

    Ever wonder what the differences between gas-fired combustion engines and gas turbines are? Find out in our detailed technical comparison articles.

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