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We at Wärtsilä are always on the look for bright minds to join us in our journey in shaping the decarbonization of marine and energy. Since 1834, Wärtsilians have challenged the general status quo and decided to make a difference in our society  together.

Today, we support our customers to perform whilst we successfully transform into a sustainable future. Working as one global team in a caring and honest atmosphere, we continuously improve ourselves and the way we work. We at Wärtsilä aim for supporting our people in a way so they can be 100% themselves. 

Join us and you can be your true self, grow and make a difference.

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Meet Wärtsilians

What is it like to work at Wärtsilä? Take a look what Matiss & Krista has to say about working at Wärtsilä.


Our People with Purpose

Wärtsilians are one big family all around the world - different functions but equally important. Here you can find stories behind Wärtsilians:


people, man, people with purpose
16 DEC 2021 Article
10 min read

People with Purpose: Torbjörn Henriksson

Torbjörn Henriksson has worked with Wärtsilä for six decades. Throughout this time, he has contributed to...
Johanna Kuusisto
7 OCT 2021 Article
9 min read

People with Purpose: Johanna Kuusisto

Over the past four years, Johanna Kuusisto has learnt to become a Parisian – maybe not in the most literal...
Daniel Moncayo People with purpose
26 AUG 2021 Article
7 min read

People with Purpose – Daniel Moncayo

Starting from a military background, Daniel Moncayo has made a career in security management and became a...
Marelly Lanza, kayaking
29 JUL 2021 Article
10 min read

People with purpose: Marelly Lanza

Despite starting over from scratch on the other side of the world from her family and home, Marelly Lanza has...
24 JUN 2021 Article
12 min read

People with Purpose – Shirley Chemmuttut

Growing up in a community where most girls dreamt of getting married and the size of their dowry, our...
31 MAY 2021 Article
12 min read

People with purpose – Emiliano Prenassi

So many people postpone their dreams, thinking that there will be time for them later. But that’s not how...
Peter Sanderson
25 FEB 2021 Article
8 min read

People with purpose: Peter Sanderson

When Peter Sanderson gets a birthday card from his niece and nephew, it reads "To nice Uncle Pete." This might...
Malin Berg in Switzerland
29 JAN 2021 Article
9 min read

People with Purpose: Malin Berg

A surprising fact about Malin Berg: she originally joined Wärtsilä to be able to play football regularly.


Snapshots of Wärtsilä premises

Coworking space

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