Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Radars

World’s first IP Radar solutions that you can simply plug, play and integrate directly into vessel control systems.


Backed by the proud heritage of more than 60 years of in-house Radar development and manufacturing, the RADARPILOT Platinum provides the Navigator with the right information at the right time to ensure safe voyage monitoring, collision avoidance and information management.

Part of the Platinum Family of integrated vessel control systems, the Platinum Radars are built on a common hardware and software architecture. Being the world’s first IP Radar, Platinum marine radar systems are directly connected to the Platinum Navigation System’s redundant Ethernet Backbone. This lean yet redundant architecture requires minimal installation and cable effort and ensures simple extension of existing System with additional Radars.

Our SOLAS compliant Radars are available for S-Band and X-Band frequencies, with flexible antenna sizes and a solid state transceiver option for the S-Band frequency.

The NACOS Platinum Solid State S-Band Radar is a next generation marine radar system using a stabilized high power solid state transceiver. It utilizes advanced signal processing technology and comes with a 14ft antenna. The major advantages for customers are the added safety provided through optimized target detection under all environmental conditions, increased reliability and reduced lifecycle costs as a result of drastically reduced maintenance.

The Platinum S-Band Radar is fully compatible without mechanical adoption as a replacement for our Magnetron based S-Band Radars.

Key benefits

  • World’s first IP Radar with minimal installation footprint
  • Plug and Play extension of existing Navigation Systems
  • Full in house R&D and manufacturing capabilities

Key features

  • S-Band Radar options
    • 14ft Magnetron, Transceiver up mast or bulkhead mounted
    • 14ft Solid State Radar
  • X-Band Radar options
    • 5ft or 8ft antenna size
    • 12,5kW and 25kW Transceiver options
    • Transceiver up mast or bulkhead mounted
  • Flexible inter-switching, system-wide access to all radars installed
  • System wide Target and Data exchange via Network

Additional information

Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Solid State S-Band Radar
Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum
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