Wärtsilä NACOS MULTIPILOT Platinum

Radar, ECDIS and conning data integrated into a single and simple interface for maximum situational awareness.


Over the last decade, the MULTIPILOT has become a synonym for a modern multifunctional Navigation workstation in the Marine Industry.

Part of the Platinum Family of integrated vessel control systems, the MULTIPILOT Platinum is built on a common hardware and software architecture. The workstation hardware consists of a marine certified electronics unit with multiple Display options, different functional keyboards and a sensor interface jointly connected to a managed network switch.

The MULTIPILOT makes all key Navigation applications such as RADARPILOT, ECDISPILOT & CONNINGPILOT available from a single device, flexibly configured to the meet the requirements of the individual wheelhouse arrangement. It provides integrated operation of our TRACKPILOT Track Control system.

Platinum and the MULTIPILOT are truly scalable solutions - in a stand-alone configuration, the MULITPILOT can work as a single Radar Display or ECDIS. Fully integrated Navigation systems are formed by connecting several MULTIPILOT workstations through a redundant network ring architecture.

When the Platinum Navigation system is integrated with Platinum Automation or Platinum Dynamic Positioning, the MULTIPILOT can also be configured as a DP Operator Station or Monitoring and control workplace for the vessel automation.

Finally, the flexible System architecture of Platinum allows for integration of a variety of 3rd party systems, such as CCTV, FLIR Camera or forward looking sonar, making the MULITPILOT the tool to operate much more than just the primary Navigation applications.

Key benefits

  • Best in class user interface for optimal situational awareness
  • Small installation footprint
  • Scalable and easy-to-extend solution

Key features

  • TRACKPILOT operation, requires TRACKPILOT in system scope
  • CONNINGPILOT conning page, also available as system extension
  • System wide exchange of Data, Targets, Charts & Routes via Network
  • Flexible Monitor options
    • 24” with optional IP protection and High Brightness for outside use
    • 27”
    • 32” with UHD resolution and optional multitouch user interface
    • 55” with UHD resolution and multitouch user interface
  • Dual Display Option, either configured as main application mirror or CONNINGPILOT Extension
  • Operating Devices
    • Trackball
    • Optional RADARPILOT Panel
    • Optional TRACKPILOT Panel
  • 5 brightness settings for day and night
  • Centralized dimming
  • Standard Settings return button and favorite user settings
  • Man overboard button
  • Built-in operator manual and tooltip help function
  • Integrated MKD operation of SAAB R5 AIS
  • Integrated MKD operation of VDR4360 and VDR4370
  • Integrated MKD operation of NAVTEX
  • Remote Service capability

Additional information

Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum Solid State S-Band Radar
Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum
Remote Guidance

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