Simulation & Training

Wärtsilä Navigational Simulators

Next-gen integrated training solutions that bridge the gap between STCW training and actual competency for effective performance onboard.


Our market-leading navigational simulation solutions are enhanced and redesigned for a rapidly changing, digitised maritime industry and the next generation of seafarers. The entire simulation and training offering is available across multiple media – from traditional classroom-based and full mission simulation to virtual reality and distributed learning models – all under a single software platform.

Key benefits

  • Wide range of own training courses covering the different maritime domains.
  • High-quality content and extremely realistic simulation with authentic equipment replicas.
  • Ultimate flexibility for all users in terms of location, scale, and type of training they deploy.
  • Available in several configurations enabling a flexible and collaborative environment for training compliance with all international standards and regulations.

Key features

  • GMDSS Simulator
  • ECDIS Simulator
  • Offshore and DP Simulator
  • Ice Navigation Simulator
  • Fishing Simulator
  • SAR (Search and Rescue) Operations Simulator
  • Survival Craft Simulator
  • Oil Spill Response Simulator
  • VTS Simulation and Training Solutions
  • Naval Applications
All navigational simulators

Wärtsilä Navigation Simulator NTPRO 5000

Most realistic, scalable, and cost-efficient training solution for education and certification of watch officers, chief officers, captains, and pilots on all types of vessels.

Wärtsilä Search and Rescue Operations Simulator

Modelled modern types of rescue boats, helicopters, facilities for search and rescue at sea, combined with communications modelling, allow training and coordination of search and rescue operations in the most adverse weather conditions. The synchronous recording and playback of the event, the use of equipment and exchange on the air are the most effective means for collective training in the rescue of human life at sea.

Wärtsilä Inland Operations Simulator

Wärtsilä Inland Operations Simulator provides a realistic learning environment to support the training of inland vessel crews. 

Wärtsilä R&D Simulator

Wärtsilä R&D Simulator is one of the world's first simulators designed specifically to test autonomous vessels and navigation algorithms using highly accurate digital twin and sensors.

Wärtsilä Offshore and Dynamic Positioning Simulator

Wärtsilä Offshore and Dynamic Positioning Simulator enables comprehensive training in anchor handling, Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems, and rig crane operations. 

Wärtsilä Small Craft Simulator

Education, training and examination of seafarers that handle small craft operations in inland waterways. Familiarization with small craft and their maintenance.

Wärtsilä ECDIS Simulator

With the mandatory introduction of ECDIS for SOLAS vessels, ECDIS operation training becomes essential. And our simulator ensures efficient training, fully compliant with the latest IMO, IEC and STCW requirements and standards.

Wärtsilä Ice Navigation and Management Simulator

Wärtsilä Ice Navigation and Management Simulator enable vessel navigation and equipment handling training in cold weather conditions (below 0°C) and ice-infested waters and ports.

Wärtsilä Survival Craft Simulator

Wärtsilä Survival Craft Simulator solution is based on the fifth generation NTPRO (Navi Trainer Professional) 5000 Navigational Simulation Platform that is easy to install and prepares for all survival craft training requirements.

Wärtsilä Fishing Simulator

Wärtsilä Fishing Simulators enable highly realistic end-to-end training of fishing cadets and experienced crew in all processes, including vessel manoeuvring and acoustic device handling.

Wärtsilä Oil Spill Response Simulator

Wärtsilä Oil Spill Response simulator enables crew train for vessel and equipment handling during oil spill response operations. The command centre personnel can use the system for resource management training, including resource cost calculation.

Wärtsilä Voyage Naval Applications Simulator

Procedural and operational simulation training for the Navy and Coast Guard

Wärtsilä VTS Simulation and Training Solutions

Wärtsilä VTS Simulation and Training Solution enables training and certification of VTS operators and supervisors.

Wärtsilä GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000

Wärtsilä GMDSS Simulator TGS 5000 accurately imitates actual ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore stations communications using highly realistic simulations of terrestrial and satellite communication systems.

Wärtsilä Tug Simulator

Wärtsilä Tug Simulator is an advanced ASD tug simulator capable of training a range of functions: from basic tug handling manoeuvres for trainees to advanced towing methods for tug masters (such as in-direct towing), any operation can be simulated. 

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