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Integrated radar system that directly connects with ECDIS to provide advanced situational awareness and support route optimisation.


Navi-Radar is fully integrated with Navi-Sailor ECDIS and its navigational data for the best situational awareness. Built on the Fleet Operations Solutions (FOS) software platform, it perfectly integrates a connected ECDIS and radar. It allows for remote troubleshooting from ashore to ensure up-time. Radar data and target information are shared via a Type Approved cyber-secure connection to the Fleet Operation Centre and is available ashore for investigation. Navi-Radar helps increase safety through a clear situation picture due to the radar overlay function and easy integration into the Navi-Sailor ECDIS using the same user interface.


Wärtsilä Navi-Radar 4000 MFD is designed in full compliance with the latest IMO, IHO and IEC standards and resolutions. NR 4000 is a PC-based radar system with advanced ARPA, AIS and Chart Radar facilities.

Key benefits

  • User friendly, clear, and logically structured interface: Wärtsilä Navi-Radar 4000 is consistent with all other MFD tasks.
  • Pre-calculated motion vectors: Even before the operator acquires a target, the radar already selects potential targets and provides you with instant vector and object data.
  • Target association: Its built-in filters can associate any AIS and ARPA target to provide reliable, real-time data, selected by the operator.
  • Trial Manoeuvring function: Calculates the ship’s safe manoeuvre in real-time vis-à-vis target motion lines and the planned ship motion line along with the selection of different parameters of the intended manoeuvre.
  • Filter lost targets: In heavily trafficked areas, focusing is key to avoiding dangerous situations. Operator-defined target filters warn you only when necessary.
  • Chart Radar: Efficient multi-loading and display of electronic charts where ENC/SENC or TX-97 charts can be presented as an underlay simultaneously with individually created MAPs.

Key features

  • Acquires and processes up to 80 ARPA targets, displays of up to 256 AIS targets and associates AIS targets with ARPA targets.
  • Includes advanced clutter suppression with improved auto sea and offshore/harbour mode and 3-level accumulation.
  • Provides D3D video acceleration for trails presentation, enabling saving trails when switching modes.
  • Integrates with Navi-Sailor 4000 ECDIS to provide:
    • fully integrated navigational data for the best situational awareness.
    • shared targets, routes, charts, settings between ECDIS and radar.
    • adds radar overlay to the ECDIS for additional navigation safety.
  • Displays additional data in the left Conning panel such as from the Echo Sounder, Wind Sensor, Set/Drift, monitored route data, Heading and ROT, and water and ground speeds.
Additional information

Wärtsilä Navi-Radar is type approved and is available in the following X and S-band configurations:


  • Available as CAT I (26” screen) and CAT II (24” screen) (*)
  • X-band: 10 KW and 25 KW with 6ft antenna
  • S-band: 30 KW with 12 ft antenna.
  • Below deck unit – RS6 Marine Computer
  • Power supply and Cable kit
    (*) CAT I is mandatory for vessels >= 10,000 GT

Model setup


NR 4000 Premium 19/24 CAT2 or 26 CAT1 10kW X-band 24VDC incl. PM and 6ft. Antenna

Radar 1
  •  10 X-band 24VDC incl. PM
  • 6ft. Antenna
  • Scanner control unit SCU-J
  • 19“/24’’ or 26’’ LED Display, AC/DC – Marine Computer RS6C
  • ES6 Keyboard and Trackball
  • Transas UPS-W KIT 6 220/110V 3,4AH – Cable from 10m to 65m
  • Installation Kit



NR 4000 Premium 19/24 CAT2 or 26 CAT1 30kW S-band 220VAC incl. PM and 12ft. Antenna

Radar 2
  • 30kW S-band 220VAC incl. PM
  • 12ft. Antenna
  • Scanner control unit SCU-J
  • 19“/24’’ or 26’’ LED Display, AC/DC – Marine Computer RS6C
  • ES6 Keyboard and Trackball
  • Transas UPS-W KIT 6 220/110V 3,4AH
  • Power Supply kit 29.5VDC for NKE-1130 30kW Scanner – Junction Box NQE-3151A
  • Cable from 10m to 65m
  • Installation kit


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