Hack your work

New series: #Hack your work

Have you been wondering if it is possible to learn something new, quickly? Or how to improve your presentation skills? Our new series #hackyourwork promises to answer these questions and more.

Text: Maiju Karhunen Photo: iStock

Say goodbye to the ‘I’m the biggest loser’ thought! Stories from our #hackyourwork series will leave you smarter with tips and tricks to handle various aspects of your work. From tricks to master your inbox and checklist, sharpen your focus, improve skills you need in the rapidly evolving working life, to tips to organise better meetings, our series will have something for everyone. You’ll also learn how to deal with failures and make the most out of them.

To add the fun quotient, the end of each article will pose a challenge for you to try out. Share your experiences and outcomes of your challenges on social media with the hashtag #hackyourwork. Remember also to check out Wärtsilä’s Instagram to learn more about the challenges.

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