#Hackyourwork: Secrets for solving any problem

#Hackyourwork: Recipe for solving any problem

1 min read

09 Nov 2017


Maiju Karhunen



1 min read

09 Nov 2017


Maiju Karhunen



Often asking for help is the smartest thing to do. When you ask for help, things will most likely be done faster and you learn something in the process.

Define and deconstruct your problem.

It has happened to all of us: we go and ask help from a colleague, and immediately once we start explaining the problem, we realise what is the solution. Before you ask Google or your colleagues, define and deconstruct the problem, because the answer may already lie there.

Ask for help.

We are often ashamed of asking for help even though we should not be. People will not think you are stupid for asking their advice, on the contrary, they will feel flattering that you asked them for help.


Get a fresh perspective.

If you need an opinion on something you are working on, ask it from a colleague who sees everything in a very different light than you. That way you will a get fresh perspective on things.

Get a green view.

Sometimes acid testing things on colleagues or friends who are not specialised in the thing you are working on, can give good views for developing your work. Sometimes knowing nothing beforehand can open doors that were too obvious for someone, who has very in-depth knowledge and view to the thing at hand.

Be thankful, always.

Finally yet importantly, remember to show how thankful you are to your helper and offer your help to everyone who needs it.


The #hackyourwork challenge:

When you are stuck with a problem you are working on, get a new perspective from a colleague who sees the issue in a different light.