Hack your work

#Hackyourwork: Lest we forget, keep moving during the day!

For desk warriors, adding movement to the workday can be a challenge. Here are some simple tips to add movement in the office.

Move while working.

Adding movement to the workday does not only mean taking a stroll during your lunch break. Trot around while you are on the phone, do some air squats while talking with your colleague, and/or organise a walking meeting.

Make most out of your breaks.

Think about your school days and how you spent all the breaks: playing and exploring your surroundings. Take an alternative route to the coffee maker, challenge your colleagues to a game of tag.

Add easy accessories.

There are simple and cheap tools you can have around the office to encourage movement. For instance, a long stick can get stiff shoulders moving or a little basketball hoop can call for an impromptu game with you colleagues.

Challenge your colleagues.

Moving does not need to be serious and structured. Why not have a derby with the swivel chairs? An office Olympics? Challenge your colleagues to do something fun and active! Having fun at work can increase productivity and positivity between colleagues.

The #hackyourwork challenge:

Challenge your colleagues to a 30-day plank or push-up challenge.

Written by
Maiju Karhunen