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Ensure the efficiency of your thrusters with lifecycle services

As shipping companies continue to grow and expand the reach of their operations, the need for truly global service and maintenance networks is increasing. In addition, there is growing demand for solutions that help you to optimise operations, increase uptime and ensure long-term visibility into costs. Wärtsilä can provide thruster services for planned inspections or in case of emergencies.

No matter what kind of vessels or platforms you operate, Wärtsilä will serve you throughout the lifecycle of your installation to ensure the optimum performance and reliability of your steerable and transverse thruster systems by taking full responsibility for the maintenance of your vessel’s propulsion equipment for its entire lifecycle - giving you significant cost savings.


 Key benefits

  • Ensure the optimum performance and reliability of your steerable and transverse thruster systems
  • Get global support from an expert partner with decades of experience
  • Gain long-term visibility into lifecycle costs
  • Ensure safety and reliability with access to OEM spare parts
  • Get peace of mind from a flexible approach that can handle all maintenance needs
  • Maximise uptime and reduce operating costs with innovative services

Thruster repair and maintenance services scope

Wärtsilä Thruster services aim to achieve and maintain optimal performance and efficiency of your thrusters throughout their entire lifecycle, from routine inspections to upgrades, repairs and refurbishments.

Our services for thrusters include:

  • Long-term service agreements
  • Propeller condition monitoring services (PCMS)
  • Services for five and ten-year inspection intervals
  • In-life upgrades
  • Control upgrades
  • Underwater repairs
  • Expert services for lay-up support
  • Training services

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