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Wärtsilä EnduraPac - Increase the reliability and extend the lifespan of your propulsion equipment

Steerable and transverse thrusters are frequently used in oil rigs, offshore supply vessels, and special vessels – all places where equipment reliability and availability are critical. Improving the condition of lubrication oil, by reducing the contamination levels and water-in-oil saturation levels increases thruster reliability and lifetime.

Wärtsilä EnduraPac ensures the availability and reliability of steerable and transverse thrusters by improving the condition of the lubrication oil.

Key benefits

  • Increases the reliability of your thruster
  • Enables longer thruster lifetime
  • Installs easily
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Uses a compact design that can be transported through the vessel
  • Is suitable for both mineral oils and EALs (environmentally acceptable lubricants)

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    Technical info

    Wärtsilä EnduraPac is a standardised product that is designed to improve oil quality in steerable thrusters. Delivery includes the Wärtsilä EnduraPac unit, connectors and cabling from the sensors to the junction box, and operator manuals.

    See the technical specifications in the brochure.

    In principle it is suitable for all propulsion equipment that uses lubrication or hydraulic oil, including controllable pitch propellers and transverse thrusters.

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