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Propulsion control systems upgrades and replacements

All vessels need a safe, reliable and easy-to-use control system for manoeuvring – but after years of use, the elements of any control system will deteriorate and spare parts become scarce or even obsolete. This can lead to unplanned maintenance and high operational costs and off-hire.In answer to these challenges, Wärtsilä offers propulsion controls upgrades for all its propulsors with a roadmap that aims to guarantee a minimum lifecycle of 15 years.

We couldn’t believe that we could save 800 litres per 24 hours while keeping the same speed. We didn’t go slower or faster, we kept at 9 knots. So we have the same power output on the water, but with 800 litres less fuel. My boss didn’t believe it.

Michael Hinz, shipping manager at ATR Landhandel

In-cabinet controls upgrade

  • Cost Effective, quick and easy to install
  • Ensures trouble free operations
  • Ensures the latest technology
  • No need of changing existing cabinets and cables

Obsolescence in propulsion control systems

Around the world, the speed of development in electrics and electronics is increasingly more and more rapidly. As a result, the lifecycle of these types of components – such as those found in a Wärtsilä PCS – is becoming ever shorter. In some cases, it may even be less than five years. Wärtsilä has developed a so-called lifecycle roadmap that seeks to guarantee a lifecycle of at least 15 years on its PCSs.

Initially, Wärtsilä maintains sufficient stocks of replacement components, within the first 10 years of the product lifecycle. When this is no longer possible, an upgrade kit, containing the most recent available technology, is made available. After 15 years, the customer will have the option to purchase a replacement control system with equivalent or customised functionality.

Propulsion control system solutions

    Controllable pitch propellers’ control system

    Key benefits

    • Offers full lifecycle support for the entire CPP control system lifecycle
    • Ensures reliable CPP control with trouble-free operation
    • Ensures that the latest technology is used whenever possible
    • Offers access to the same control system as for new builds
    • Enables functionality add-ons during retrofitting, including a change in vessel profile

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    Transverse and Steerable thruster controls system

    Key benefits

    • Offers full support for the entire control system lifecycle
    • Ensures reliable thruster control with trouble-free operation
    • Ensures the latest technology is used whenever possible
    • Offers access to the same control system as new builds
    • Enables functionality add-ons during retrofitting, including adapting to e.g. changes to vessel profile
    • Improves fuel efficiency

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    Water Jets Controls

    Wärtsilä’s propulsion controls upgrades for Waterjets vary from an in-cabinet solution via a standard retrofit to a complete customer retrofit. Wärtsilä thrusters are supplied with propulsion controls systems that also include the bridge interface. We can provide a range of control upgrades according to your vessel’s lifecycle.


    The Wärtsilä EcoControl’s active combinator uses a smart control system that seeks and combines the optimal propeller pitch with the optimal engine loading. In this way, fuel consumption is reduced to its most efficient level during transit sailing modes.

    Wärtsilä EcoControl

    The Wärtsilä EcoControl enables:

    • Significant fuel cost savings
    • Cruise control functionality
    • Visual awareness of actual fuel consumption

    An integrated Wärtsilä propulsion system in itself creates value through high efficiency via optimal component selections. Together with the Wärtsilä EcoControl, the efficiency of the vessel propulsion system is enhanced even further to create the most efficient fuel consumption possible. Better fuel efficiency also results in fewer exhaust emissions.

    Shaft Power Limitation 

    Wärtsilä Shaft Power Limitation is an upgrade package for vessels with Wärtsilä controllable pitch propellers that will enable compliance with the new requirements. The fully integrated solution can be installed as an add-on to Wärtsilä systems and has been designed in collaboration with some of the major classification societies.

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    Generation specific solutions 

    Propulsion Control Services

    Wärtsilä ANCOS2000 upgrade kit
    Wärtsilä BECOS upgrade kit
    Wärtsilä Mini Micro Module for transverse thrusters upgrade kit
    Wärtsilä Wichmatic and Wichtronic propulsion controls upgrade kit
    Wärtsilä Lipstronic / ReFit standard for CPP
    Wärtsilä Control upgrade for gearbox starters

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    A major concern for ship-owners, especially in these days of rapid technological development, is obsolescence. For this reason, Wärtsilä has a long-term strategy to support users of the PCS. Wärtsila is ensuring better lifecycle of hardware and software by guaranteeing 15 years of component availability. After that, the company can provide an updated PCS solution for the existing equipment.

    Martijn Rondeel, Superintendent at Wärtsilä Netherlands


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