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Wärtsilä EcoControl for retrofit

A smart control system for reduced fuel consumption

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Wärtsilä EcoControl for retrofit, a marine propulsion control system that saves you fuel

Wärtsilä EcoControl for retrofit is a smart propulsion control system for marine vessels. It will automatically use the most efficient setpoint between propeller pitch and engine RPM, adjusting the parameters in real time.

As a result, the vessel’s efficiency can increase by up to 7%. This saves fuel.

Choose Wärtsilä EcoControl as a retrofit upgrade. After all, fuel savings are not the only benefit that you will gain. Your vessel must comply with the IMO’s increasingly strict Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations. Better efficiency means that your vessel’s CII profile is better. And your vessel will have a longer, profitable sailing time.

Who can use Wärtsilä EcoControl for retrofit?

Wärtsilä EcoControl for retrofit requires that your vessel has diesel-driven controllable pitch propellers (CPP) with variable speed operation.

Installation is simple with no drydock or crew training needed.

How EcoControl works

Without EcoControl, a vessel’s engine will operate inefficiently when its load varies because there are built-in margins to prevent engine overload. Inefficient operation consumes more fuel.

In contrast, the Wärtsilä EcoControl software will compensate for load variations. Its algorithm uses real-time data from the vessel to calculate the optimum load for the engine. It will seek the most fuel-efficient combination of propeller pitch and engine RPM and adjust them accordingly.

      EcoControl features

      • Cruise control functionality
      • A fuel consumption limitation setting
      • Actual fuel consumption visibility on the bridge
      • Vessel speed control for fishing applications and/or cruise vessels if applicable
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      Key benefits from Wärtsilä EcoControl for retrofit

      • Saves fuel
      • Reduces emissions
      • Improves your vessel’s CII rating
      • Extends your vessel’s profitable sailing time.

      Interested in pilot case results?

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