Wärtsilä EnergoProFin

The Wärtsilä EnergoProFin is an energy saving propeller cap with fins that rotate together with the propeller. This solution provides average fuel savings of 2%, with a payback time of less than one year.

The propeller’s energy losses are among the factors related to the flow phenomena around and behind the propeller boss. Installing the Wärtsilä EnergoProFin helps to reduce these energy losses and increase overall propulsion efficiency.

The Wärtsilä EnergoProFin is suitable for all newbuilds and existing vessels. 

    Technical info
    The Wärtsilä EnergoProFin is an energy saving propeller cap with fins that rotate together with the propeller. It improves propulsive efficiency by weakening the hub vortex, and by recovering kinetic energy from the rotating flow aft of the propeller blades.
    • Reduction of the propeller hub vortex resulting in average fuel savings of 2% to 5%
    • Reduction of underwater noise
    • Reduction of vibration
    • The EnergoProFin can be installed underwater without taking the vessel out of service. 

    The Wärtsilä EnergoProFin is suitable for new build and existing vessels; fixed pitch propellers of any propeller brand and controllable pitch propeller for Wärtsilä brand propellers only.


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      In line with the environmental vision of the Belgian shipowner Fast Lines, Wärtsilä’s EnergoProFin has been installed...

    • MV Arvika

      In the highly competitive shipping industry, every drop of fuel matters. Thanks to the good economic benefits stated...

    • Pac Alkaid

      Rising fuel prices in recent years have made propulsion efficiency even more important than before. Paccship (UK...

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