Propulsion efficiency upgrade with Nozzle

Despite the recent drop in oil prices, propulsion efficiency is one of the most effective ways of reducing operating costs. The Wärtsilä High Performance (HP) Nozzle improves propulsion efficiency resulting in increased thrust and fuel savings and performs significantly better than the industry standard nozzle types, such as the 19A or 37 type nozzles.

Video: Reduced fuel consumption for merchant fleet

    • Vessels bollard pull increase up to 5 %, compared to industry standard nozzle type 19A
    • By conversion of an open propeller to a ducted propeller an increase of free running propeller efficiency up to 15%
    • Excellent astern performance
    • Easy installation of nozzle as a retrofit since the build-in size is very similar to other types of nozzles
    • Increase of thrust/bollard pull for tugs, offshore supply vessels, fishing vessels and dredgers
    • Increase of free running propeller efficiency for cargo vessels sailing on low to moderate vessel speeds (up/to 14 knots)


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