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Wärtsilä Technical Management -
Advanced operations and maintenance support

A Technical Management Agreement provides you the support you need to maintain your assets. We reduce the risk of unexpected downtime by helping you to optimise maintenance intervals based actual needs and the condition of your assets. Our Expertise Centres support you proactively, whenever and wherever needed, providing you with the insights and tools needed to operate and maintain your assets in a smarter way.


Key benefits

  • Increased asset availability
  • Reduced unexpected downtime
  • Increased visibility into your operational data with detailed insights 
  • Actionable advice from Wärtsilä Expertise Centre experts
  • Smarter, safer and more reliable operations 

Building blocks for Technical Management Agreement

An Optimised Maintenance Agreement is a tailored to your unique needs by combining the right services and solutions into a comprehensive agreement package. The building blocks are: 

Technical Management

Connectivity Solution
Partnership Management
Maintenance Planning
Fluid Management
Exchange Set Management
Data-driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning (DMP)
Expert Insight
Operational Support

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We appreciate the easy access to remote operational support made possible by Wärtsilä’s leading-edge solutions. This allows us to do maintenance when needed rather than at fixed intervals. We are especially excited with Expert Insight, which allows us to monitor the condition of the engines from ashore, and thanks to artificial intelligence and anomality detection we expect to prevent unscheduled stops that cause loss of revenue.

Dag Honnemyr, Operational Director Siem-Helix

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