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Make the most of now with Wärtsilä‘s Fleet optimisation Solution. Voyage planning and fleet performance management in one for ships and shore.

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How to use your onboard data for voyage optimisation

Estimates show that 90% of data generated onboard the ship never leaves the deck, which means operators lose invaluable insight and analytics that can improve performance and efficiency every day. At Wärtsilä, we firmly believe that this data, and digitally connected operations, are key to unlocking optimal efficiency and sustainability.

The underlying idea behind our fleet optimisation solutions is, therefore, focused on connecting the digital dots between navigational data, operational processes, fuel efficiency, and reducing environmental impact. Our fleet optimisation solution (FOS) integrates systems and communication between ships, shore offices, and ports. It provides a shared digital platform for all industry stakeholders to exchange data and combines cloud-based analytics, AI together with intelligent automation to monitor, manage and optimise everyday processes onboard and onshore.


  • Track the fleet in real-time, from any location.
  • Access vessel operational data and conduct post voyage analytics.
  • Manage voyage performance with real-time decision support and charter party compliance alerts.
  • Automatically receive stakeholder and statutory reports. 


  • Reduce route planning time from hours to minutes.
  • Execute the safest and most efficient route, utilising the latest navigational charts, built-in weather optimisation and advanced fuel efficiency algorithms.  
  • Receive alerts to respond to unusual ship behaviour or anomalies quickly.
  • Simplify ship-to-shore reporting with data mostly pre-filled.
  • Share ETA information with connected ports for just in time arrivals.


Available with hardware deployment or as a software-only solution, FOS is a truly accessible option.



24/7 expert advice on hand from the FOS consultancy team, FOS can be tailored to make sure you get the most of the industry’s most flexible and powerful optimisation solution.



Cloud upgrades mean functionality can be added easily, and simple installation processes allow cost-effective roll-out across future vessels.

Fleet optimisation solutions will cut vessel emissions

Choosing the optimal route and speed for your vessel is an excellent way to take advantage of data to cut harmful emissions. And there are many other ways to reduce emissions! Discover 49 more great ways the maritime industry could cut its greenhouse gas emissions – download this fascinating eBook.

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Solutions for voyage optimisation

Tracking and Awareness

Web module for live vessel tracking, real-time and predictive situation awareness as well as safety alerts for full navigational transparency and emergency response.

Tracking and awareness module

Fleet Optimisation Solution

Compliance and Reporting

Onshore web module to auto-aggregate and format onboard data into various forms and reports to ensure better charter party and environmental compliance.

Ensuring charter party and environmental compliance

Fleet Optimisation Solution

Voyage optimisation

Shore-side web module to optimise voyage planning, re-planning, speed behaviour and port stays, while taking commercial considerations into account.

Optimise voyage planning

Hull and Machinery

A web module that informs on asset condition and performance to help optimise hull, propeller, and engine condition as well as engine usage.

Optimise hull, propeller, and engine condition

Mobile applications


Wärtsilä SmartLog is an onboard mobile app that processes the data extracted directly from an ECDIS and connected digital data services. The app streamlines reporting reducing the administrative burden on the crew.

SmartLog onboard mobile app


Tablet with BridgeMate


Situational awareness, decision support and docking aid via one app.

Smart backup and decision support app

Tablet with SmartLog

Data service downloads

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