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Fleet operations solution

highest level of safety at sea with maximum fuel efficiency

Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution by Transas

Fleet Operations Solution (FOS) is designed to achieve the highest level of safety at sea, increase fleet efficiency and simplify everyday tasks, both ashore and on board.

Along the entire route, the vessel and shore exchange information in a secure environment to make sure that the ship arrives at its destination point safely, on time, and with maximum fuel efficiency.

FOS unites all navigational processes and voyage data on a single platform, and puts the fragmented services under a single umbrella to create synergies and improve operational processes.

With FOS, operations are processed seamlessly, the compliance is guaranteed, and the workload and costs are optimized.

Unique benefits

  • All tools and data are connected within a single operating system with the Transas ECDIS kernel at its core, thus building the basis for improved operational efficiency and safe processes
  • Route planning is presented on the latest nautical charts to ensure a route that is always safe to sail
  • Built-in weather optimization to find the safest and most fuel efficient route
  • Data and charts are automatically delivered, no ordering, no USB
  • SmartLog allows ship-to-shore reporting with most data already pre-filled
  • A mobile tablet on board is used for SmartLog 
  • Real-time vessel and fleet tracking (no AIS holes)
  • Advanced Eniram fuel efficiency algorithms to spot more difficult saving levers 

Smart inbuilt services to facilitate routine tasks

FOS includes a set of advanced service and software applications that use artificial intelligence to improve situational awareness and decision support, both on the bridge and ashore. 

Advanced Intelligent Routing

Advanced Intelligent Routing

Optimizes the vessel route according to a variety of metocean data, as well as traffic separation schemes, and regional regulations on acceptable fuel types, using artificial Intelligence technologies.

Advanced Data Delivery

Advanced Data Delivery

Automatically keeps the charts and planning tools updated and therefore compliant.

Advanced Intelligent Diagnostics


Detects anomalies, i.e. abnormal, unusual, and/or dangerous patterns in ship behaviour, real-time and post voyage, in order to increase situational awareness, eliminate the possibility of human error, and to reduce risk.


Advanced Remote Maintenance

Advanced Remote Maintenance

This service provides remote support, diagnostics, and preventive maintenance for the navigational bridge and satellite communication equipment.

Advanced Intelligent Maneuvering

Advanced Intelligent Maneuvering

This decision support system analyses the situation around the vessel, utilising AIS and ARPA information, charted objects and motion parameters, and suggests safe and efficient maneuvers according to COLREGS.


Cyber security

Cyber security is a priority for every operation in the world, maritime or otherwise.

FOS facilitates your ability to keep your data, and connected systems secure, both ashore and onboard, through the cloud services we offer:

Sophisticated security compliant cloud platform

  • Identity control
  • Secure infrastructure
  • Security applications
  • Compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 
  • VPN
  • Firewall IEC 61162-460 standard approved

LAN business segmentation

  • Business and private network segmentation with traffic priority control

Data security validation

cyber secure solution

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