Managing vessel lifecycle

A service agreement can help you manage the lifecycle of your vessels and other assets and stay competitive.

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Reduced downtime

Lower risk of unplanned maintenance and costly downtime.

Fuel savings

Save fuel and reduce OPEX. Know your maintenance costs years ahead.

Lower emissions

Cut CO2 emissions and ensure compliance on your decarbonisation journey.


How can maintenance help me decarbonise, cut emissions, and stay compliant?

While much of the discussion around decarbonisation leads with fuel-saving hardware and software, one should not overlook the effect of maintenance.

If your vessel is well maintained and has a clean hull, you’re going to save on fuel and generate less emissions. Simple maintenance practices can have a surprisingly big impact on the efficiency of vessels.

And though some improvements may be small, make enough of them and they will add up to substantial fuel savings – and therefore a significant reduction in emissions. 

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How has the guaranteed asset performance service helped Carnival decarbonise? This case study on a win-win partnership between Carnival and Wärtsilä has the answer

Did you know?

Take Wärtsilä as your partner for managing the lifecycle of your vessels. Start from there and you can take five surprising steps to get ahead of your competition. This infographic shows you how.

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How can I ensure that my assets are performing at an optimal level?

How could I ensure top performance and efficiency? How can I maintain and ensure fuel efficiency?

With performance guarantees, you can have a partnership that is set on common goals. Quantifiable performance targets are mutually agreed based on your business needs, and we guarantee that these targets will be reached and maintained.

The agreed common targets can include, for example, uptime, reliability, fuel consumption, emissions, and overhaul duration. With outcome-based partnership models risk and reward can be shared forming a true partnership.

Not sure if an outcome-based service agreement could meet your needs? Download this white paper for more in-depth information. You will also learn the seven signs that you might benefit from an outcome-based service agreement:How a service agreement could give your maritime business a competitive edge.

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How to reduce unscheduled stops and prevent downtime?

How could I foresee problems before they occur?

When your top requirement is the reliability of your vessels, you should sign up for the Expert Insight predictive maintenance service. It means that the Wärtsilä experts will monitor and analyse your vessels’ operational data and alert you if something looks suspicious. You will get the alert before things would go wrong.

Predictive maintenance is based on Artificial Intelligence and advanced diagnostics, which will detect even the smallest anomalies that may indicate a potential problem in the future.

The Expertise Centre will be like your extended crew member who will safeguard the reliability of your vessels. You will get more uptime and less unscheduled downtime leading to lost revenue, and you can also save big money on repairs.

Learn more about Expert Insight and the benefits it can provide:

Wärtsilä Expertise Center Houston

What could be the true cost of a single day’s delay?

Picture the scene: Your cruise ship is set to leave port with thousands of guest onboard. But there’s a problem which means your ship leaves port a day later than it should. What is the true cost of a day’s delay for a cruise operator? And how could you avoid such expensive problems?

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Where to get better and faster technical support? 

Would it be possible to have a single contact to call whenever I need support?

When the connectivity is already in place, Expertise Centres can provide you with remote Operational Support when you need it. In other words, you will have dedicated experts whom to call round the clock to get faster and better technical support and troubleshooting.

The Expertise Centre will be like your extended crew member who can give actionable advice and help solve issues no matter when they might occur.
According to statistics, 90% of issues can be solved remotely and 80% during the same day. 

Wärtsilä’s digital remote support capabilities have proven to be of great value for us, saving both time and costs by often eliminating the need to have service people sent onboard in person.

Øistein Dahl, Managing Director of Golar Management Norway


How could I make more flexible maintenance plans?

How to know where to save smart money on maintenance?

One of the Wärtsilä services is called Data-driven Dynamic Maintenance Planning. When you choose it, our experts get access to your vessels’ operational data and can make the optimal maintenance plan. 

Because the plan is based on the true condition of the assets, you won’t have to change engine parts only because a manual says so. Instead, they can be changed when it makes the best sense. 
Thanks to actual data, maintenance plans can be more flexible. It may also be possible to extend overhaul intervals so that maintenance can take place when it’s most convenient for you.


How to be smarter about maintenance budgeting?

How can I keep within my maintenance budget? How to predict the maintenance costs more accurately?

A service agreement will give you cost predictability and it will be your assurance that your assets are maintained with the best OEM quality. Knowing the fixed, monthly fee makes budgeting easy for you.

Take a look at this case study: A Canadian ferry operator Société des Traversiers du Quebec chooses to delegate maintenance to a trusted partner

Wärtsilä employees


How to be smarter about maintenance in general?

What does it take to improve my maintenance decision-making?

Data and digital solutions give you the possibility to make smarter maintenance decisions. For example, you can get cyber-secure connectivity and track the performance of your assets in real time. You can have fast and easy access to operational data such as trends, event logs, dashboards, and visualised engine performance.

With Wärtsilä, you can benefit from Data Insight whether you are on board or on shore.


Where can I get support for maintaining my vessel?

What to do if the coordination of maintenance takes too much time from my crew?

You will of course want to keep your engines in top condition, and Wärtsilä can help you with that. Partner with us with a lifecycle agreement, and our experts will help you plan, prepare, and execute the maintenance.

Dedicated experts will make sure that things go smoothly, starting with the maintenance planning, then coordinating the spare parts, and finally making sure that a skilled maintenance workforce will be available to do the work with top quality. 

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